A German Expat in Malaysia Shares His Experience Living Here

Expat Extract #3

Name: Helmut J. G. Murmann
Home Country: Germany
Designation/Industry/Company: Brotzeit – Group Executive Chef – Malaysia
Marital Status: Married
Other countries you’ve lived in: Qatar, Brunei, Bahrain, Croatia, Kuwait

What brought you to Malaysia?
I initially had not planned to work here as I was looking forward to retiring here in the future. However, when my family home was rented out while my family and I were away and we were unable to move back to Germany, that is when the decision was made to come to Malaysia, where years ago I had purchased a small apartment.

What do you like and dislike about living here?
There is actually nothing that I dislike about living in KL. I’ve lived in so many other countries, where life and even work was much more difficult, so living here in Malaysia is quite pleasant. But if I had to name one thing that annoys me, then it is the traffic in KL.

Name three typical weekend activities that you enjoy.
Visiting friends or inviting friends over for an evening of good and quality fun, enjoying my home, and having a great family weekend.

What is your favourite holiday destination in Malaysia or in the region? Why?
Sipadan Island for scuba diving.

Describe a memorable eating experience you have had here.
Eating bak kut teh. I was introduced to it on my first visit here in Kuala Lumpur on an early open market shopping trip at 6.30am. I couldn’t believe that people eat this amazing food at such early hours. It was great and I still enjoy it.

Do you own property here? If so, where? If not, why?
Yes I do. We decided to purchase instead of renting, as it makes sense in the long term. We found our perfect home in SS2.

What do you miss most about your home country?
The crazy and good varieties of beer, sausages, cheese, and wine.

What advice do you have for a newly arrived expat?
Find the right spot to live here in KL, it makes life much easier. Also, don’t forget to visit Brotzeit to enjoy German food and beer!


Is Malaysia a good place in which to work and do business? Why?
Yes, but wherever you are, you have to work hard to earn your keep. It is the same here in Malaysia.

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Source: The Expat magazine October 2015

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