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10 Chinese Antiques to Furnish Your Home in KL

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This article is brought to you by Lasting Impressions.

There is nothing quite like the ornate charm of Oriental antique furniture to lend an exotic lasting impression on your home here in Malaysia.

The beauty of antique Chinese furniture is timeless and has always evoked a sense of romantic adventure of a bygone era infused with the mysteries of the Far East. Not many people know that the Chinese furniture that you find in boutique stores these days typically fall under one of three categories; bedroom furniture, study or library and various types of hall furniture that can range from a royal residence hall to a temple hall.

A specialist in such antiques can easily tell which region a piece originates from through clues like the choice of materials used, whether the piece is painted, has carved designs or a lacquered finish as these all vary from region to region. A simple way of determining if a piece is from northern China or southern China, is to check if it is made from northern elm “yumu” or fir “shanmu”. “Yumu” is typically from the north, while “shanmu” originates from the south.

Here are 10 statement pieces of Chinese antique furniture that will instantly transcend contemporary living spaces into the realm of exotic imperial elegance.

1. Camphorwood storage chest

A fully restored honey coloured old Camphorwood chest complete with original fittings from Beijing. It is a perfect addition for bedrooms or even as an artsy centrepiece in the study.


2. Kitchen cabinet

A gorgeous kitchen cabinet with lattice carved doors restored in red from Shandong. Pieces from this region north of Beijing are usually more robust to withstand the harsh climate. They also usually tend to be plain in comparison with pieces from other regions which usually have ornate decorative designs and are often covered in natural tree lacquer.


3. Side cabinet

A rustic side cabinet with offset drawers re-painted in a matt blue finish from Gansu, a perfect blend of contemporary chic with old world charm. Most modern day side cabinets such as this are converted grain chests that originated from the eastern side of Gansu.


4. Sideboard

A unique relief carved sideboard restored and repainted in a matt light blue finish from Gansu. The carvings are unique to this sideboard, as the detail is usually painted on.


5. Side cabinet

A non-typical example from the western region of Gansu – this piece is an elaborate side cabinet featuring intricate carvings and decorations restored in a natural waxed finish from Gansu.

6. Blue sideboard

A stately long sideboard restored and repainted in bright distressed blue from Shandong, which is most likely made from northern elm as it is common for the region.


7. Long bench

An intricately designed fully restored long bench with its original paintings and carvings in red from Fujian, a province in the south east coast of China.


8. Side Cabinet

A unique side cabinet with carved details repainted in a matt grey finish from Gansu. Typically, pieces from Gansu have similarities with furniture made in Mongolia.


9. Sideboard

This very well preserved grain chest from Gansu has been converted for modern living. It retains all its original doors and covers, and the paintings have been meticulously restored.


10. Sideboard

An elegant 4-doored simple sideboard restored to its original dark brown from Shanxi, a province in Central China. Pieces from this region during the Qing Dynasty are thought to be the most finely crafted.


If this selection of 10 finely crafted pieces of Chinese antique furniture has piqued your interest, visit Lasting Impressions’ stores or website. They offer all the above pieces of furniture for sale and many more authentic restored Chinese antiques.

Visit Lasting Impressions in KL or PJ

Lasting Impressions - 11 August 2015

Lasting Impressions is a Malaysian company launched in 1991. Since then they have been specialising in restored antique furniture, lighting, art and accessories from China. Their current collection features classical and modern Chinese furniture, each carefully and individually selected. Their vast collections, wealth of knowledge, and available resources will help you find the Chinese antiques you want.

Visit their website here:

They have three stores in Malaysia. Here are the contact details below.

1. Bangsar

The Bangsar showroom is located in Bangsar Village 2, which is a boutique shopping centre located a short drive away from the mid to upper class neighbourhoods of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur.

  • Address: Lot 2f-6, 2f-7, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Village 2, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru
  • Tel: +603 2287 3201
  • Operating hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm

2. Sunway Damansara

The Sunway Damansara showroom displays approximately 10000 sq.ft of furniture, porcelain table lamps, art and accessories on two floors.

  • Address: 2, Jalan PJU 3/47, Sunway Damansara Technology Park, Sunway Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Tel: +603 2287 3201
  • Operating Hours: Mon – Sat, 10am to 7pm (closed on major public holidays)

3. Kuala Lumpur – Jalan Ampang

Lasting Impressions’ Kuala Lumpur showroom is known as Eastern Charm and is located in Great Eastern Mall, which is a neighbourhood shopping centre located near the foreign embassy row in the Ampang Hilir area. It is also just a short hop away from KLCC.

  • Address: Eastern Charm Lot 5, 2nd Floor, Great Eastern Mall, 303 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
  • Tel:+603 4253 4903
  • Operating Hours: Daily, 10am – 9pm

Google Map of Lasting Impressions’ Stores

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