Hazy Days Promote Learning at Nexus

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Hazy Days Promote Learning at Nexus

Year 4 learners at Nexus International School have had the opportunity to turn the terrible haze situation into a valuable learning experience. The Year 4 Teachers used one of the days the haze prevented learners from coming to school to develop a special program inline with the IPC Homes and Habitats topic. This has helped the learners to understand how particular places and habitats have been affected by human activities.

The learners went through a series of workshops, starting with a live news bulletin recorded by the teachers. This allowed the learners to become excited about the topic and to experience the reporting language that is used by real journalists. Following this the learners took an exciting trip to the secondary science labs where they had the opportunity to carry out haze-related experiments. They were able to see how it form and why it is bad for health.

The children moved on to research animals from their host country, Malaysia, whose habitats had been destroyed by forest fires. Donna Woodman from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (Jersey, UK) had a video conference with our learners on Skype, answering their questions about how to design temporary habitats. The children used this new knowledge to help them plan and create models of temporary habitats for animals that are being relocated due to forest fires.

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Source: The Expat magazine November 2015

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