MAS reinstates luggage allowance for London, Paris and Amsterdam flights

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Malaysia Airlines announced on their website yesterday that the checked baggage ban has been lifted on all their flights to London, Paris and Amsterdam.


Passengers who are still waiting for their luggage to arrive from KUL can consult the baggage tracing system set up by MAS at

On 5th January, Malaysia Airlines announced that checked baggage was temporarily banned on their flights to Europe. MAS cited that longer routes and strong headwinds meant that fuel burn can increase up to 15% which severely limits their ability to carry baggage in cargo.

MAS maintained that passengers were still allowed one carry on luggage each – 7kg for economy class, and 14kg for first and business class. MAS assured passengers that their checked baggage would be shipped to them a little later. This announcement sparked outrage among the passengers who were not happy about having to wait a few days for their luggage, especially since it’s now winter time in Europe.



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