New movie releases in Malaysian cinemas, 21st January 2016

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This week in cinemas across the country, be prepared to either sit on the edge of your seat, laugh your face off, or hide behind a pillow with these four new movies.


In this crime-thriller starring Keanu Reeves, Ana De Armas, and Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, a detective (played by Reeves) discovers unsettling evidence of corruption and a string of dangerous secrets while investigating his partner’s death.

Have a look at the trailer below:

Ride Along 2

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back again with another action-packed comedy. This time, Ben, played by Hart, has graduated from the police academy and is eager to prove himself to his future brother-in-law, James, played by Ice Cube.

The two of them are caught up in taking down a drug ring in Miami, while Ben is in the middle of planning his wedding. Check out the trailer below:

The Boy

Starring Lauren Cohan from ‘The Walking Dead’, The Boy tells a frightening tale of a young American nanny in a secluded English Town. She discovers that the family she works for lost their son 20 years ago and they now care for a life-sized doll as their own child.

Greta, after ignoring strict rules, finds herself experiencing disturbing events that convince her the doll is actually alive. Take a look at the trailer below for a glimpse of the horror that awaits:


Norm of the North

When Norm learns that his beloved Arctic is being threatened by a maniacal developer who wants to build luxury condos, Norm heads to New York to put a stop to this madness, as any polar bear would. With a crew of lemmings, Norm tackles the big city and big corporation to save his home. Check out the trailer below:

Happy watching!

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