If you see something, say something!

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if you see something say something

In the effort to eradicate corruption and sustain practices of integrity and transparency, everyday citizens of conscience must speak up and report offenses they may encounter. Laws have been enacted in Malaysia to provide protection and ensure confidentiality for those reporting corrupt actions to the authorities. Corruption is a serious crime and negatively impacts any society, so it is important that people are vigilant and aware, and most importantly, that when a corruption offense is noted, it does not go unreported.

In reporting an offense, it’s also important to recognize what constitutes corruption by legal definition. Under the MACC Act 2009, a corruption offense is committed by any person soliciting or receiving bribes as an inducement or reward in an official transaction, any person offering or giving bribes to private or public sector officials in an official transaction, any person submitting false claims in a payment requisitions, or by the abuse of office or position by any public official in making decisions for the purposes of self-interest. Penalties under Section 24 of this Act include imprisonment of up to 20 years, fines of RM10,000 or five times the bribe amount, whichever is higher, or both.

The complaint should include as much information as possible, including the particulars of the person or persons involved; the date, time, and location of the incident; the reasons for the transaction; the amount and type of the transaction; the identity of any other witnesses, or that of those who may have additional information; and any documents, information, or physical evidence related to the incident.

The identity and personal details of the person making the complaint will be kept confidential, and he or she will not be subjected to any civil, criminal, or disciplinary action in relation to the information provided. These provisions are also part of the MACC Act 2009, as well as the Whistleblower Act 2010, and also protect the complainant from any detrimental actions which may arise as a result of the information provided. Protection is also granted to the complainant’s family members, friends, and close associates.

There are many ways to file a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission:

• Phone: 1 800 88 6000 (MACC Reporting Hotline)
• Fax: 03.8889 4329 (Information Receiving Unit)
• Online:
• Email: [email protected]
• SMS: 019.600 0696
• In person: MACC, Block D6, Complex D, Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62007 Putrajaya, Malaysia

For more information on Whistleblower Protection Act, visit

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