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Many expats living in Malaysia at times make the mistake of taking Asia for granted. When you can eat nasi lemak and roti canai every day, you tend not to, and the same applies to furniture. Despite living in an exotic country where rare and interesting furniture can be easily sourced, many people lazily opt for mass-produced pieces that can be abandoned on departure.

Cheap furniture might be seen as an easy short-term solution, but once life moves on and Malaysia becomes a memory, many expats regret not filling their home with treasures that preserve the past and evoke fond memories of their time spent in this tropical paradise.

While there are many home décor stores that fashion themselves unique furniture shops, there are only a select few that truly offer high-quality goods that are crafted here in Asia and will serve the dual purpose of satisfying their function and enlivening and beautifying the home.

Senasia Collection is one such place, and the large showroom in Bangsar is stocked with furniture and accessories that are hand-selected for their character and rustic charm. Much of the furniture comes from Thailand or Indonesia and is created by master craftsmen from teak wood reclaimed from old ships. Not only are these pieces strong, durable, and charming to behold, they also come with a history that will add a richness to your home décor.

To complement the furniture choice, Senasia Collection houses a wide selection of decorative items such as lamps, vases, paintings, mirrors, and bowls – beautiful pieces that can add a splash of charm to any abode.

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