Volkswagen is offering savings of up to RM58,000 as it clears stock

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volks stock clearance sale
Photo from Volkswagen.com

You might want to Jetta-on over to your nearest Volkswagen dealer to get in on the action of Volkswagens ‘drop everything’ sale. The German company is looking to clear stocks and are offering huge discounts on their 2014/2015 models of the Polo, Jetta, and Passat, all locally assembled.

Photo from Volkswagen.com

The 1.8L Passat which was selling for RM173,888 is now being offered at a 34% discount for only RM115,888 while the Jetta with a 1.4L engine is being offered at RM46,000 lower than its recommended retail price and is now only RM88,888. Finally, Volkswagen is shaving of as much as RM20,000 from the 1.6L Polo standard pricing which is now going for RM69,000. Essentially, that’s a 22-34% discount on these models.

If you’re a Volkswagen fan, you might want to get on this fast as the promotion is only valid while stocks last. You can find out more about Volkswagen’s ‘drop everything’ promotion on their website. Sadly, this discount does not apply for tax and duty free conditions sale which means it’s not valid under the MM2H duty free car purchase incentive.

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