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Avant-garde art, Malaysian politics: ‘Inventory’ exhibition by Paiman

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Azizan Paiman - painting - 2012 - oil canvas - AB40 - The Circus...

Azizan Paiman – ‘The circus elementary school’, oil on canvas, 122 x 183cm

Hidden snugly in the Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park of Shah Alam, Fuman Art has a spacious area filled with a unique array of paintings, sculptures and art works of all kinds.

Antoine Frémon, manager of Fuman Art, is an agent for artists, especially those who are new in the art field and under-exposed. He manages their careers, helps them get exposure, and searches for new and cutting-edge projects to work on.

Fuman Art works with artists from all over South-East Asia and Europe, bringing in those who are different and unafraid to share their personal views with the world to light. A variety and a fascinating mix of cultures are frequently involved, and can be clearly seen hanging on the walls of Fuman Art.


Fuman Art gallery

Frémon focuses on artists who work on what they feel is important, rather than what the market might like. A lot of auction houses push their artists to cater towards the market because they’re looking to sell. Some artists complain about this, but the auction houses are merely doing their job to try to sell off as many artworks as they can.

Azizan Paiman - artworks - 2016 - Buang Shui
Azizan Paiman – Cleansing Ritual series (Buang Shui), 2007

Frémon explains how he searches for artworks that can potentially have great value in the market.

“In the market, you can find hundreds of Picassos easily. What is interesting is to find a good Picasso at a right price. It’s a bit like buying property.


“You can buy property anywhere in any block, but which is the best? Which has the best potential?

“It’s also like buying collectible cars. It’s difficult to find a good one because you don’t know what the value will be like in the future.”

Noor Azizan Rahman Paiman, a man whose work is played around social mores, politics, gender issues and current events in Malaysia, has his latest project, ‘Inventory’, featured at the Fuman Art gallery.

Fuman Art has been working with Paiman for the past three years. ‘A La Carte’, presented by Fuman Art, was hosted in 2014 at Maison Francaise, an up-scale French restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition was well-received and many of his artworks were sold off.

Azizan Paiman - painting - 2012 - oil canvas - AB40 - Bangsawan

Azizan Paiman – ‘Bangsawan lebuhraya’, oil on canvas, 60 x 45cm

Frémon says that he is opting for Paiman to go international and plans to go as far as Paris. He also mentioned that Paiman has 35 years of career in art, has a good resume, and has been in both the local and international press, which is exactly what museums and auction houses around Europe are looking for.

Azizan Paiman - artworks - 2015 - Toaster Paper Bread 02 - MY

Azizan Paiman – ‘Toaster paper bread, 2015

Paiman has received a MA in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, in 2001 and a BA in Fine Art from University Technology MARA UiTM, Malaysia, in 1995. He has traveled to various places in Europe and Asia to attend events, such as the 1st Fukouka Asian Art Triennial in 1999, and the 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, which was held in Brisbane in 2006.



Azizan Paiman – ‘Social contract’, 2009, iron wielding, 35 x 7 x 33.5cm

Paiman also likes to experiment with photography, words and sculpture. He takes quotes from popular politicians in the past and creates a personal message of his own.

“Locals like it because they know the politician, but that’s not the point. The story behind the artwork has to be interesting, no matter how simple, like a novel,” says Frémon.

Frémon then proceeded to talk about the lifestyle art creates. He says that art creates an environment that is personal, unique and a pleasure in life; something you can admire at home. Art can also be a way to carry out conversations as simple and as natural as talking about the weather.


A variety of artwork displayed at Fuman Art

“The world is lacking uniqueness. Art has that.”

The Fuman Art gallery is spacious and private, which creates the perfect environment to have personal space and time to admire the works of Paiman and other featured artists, which are displayed in a separate area.

Fuman Art exhibited four art shows in Maison Francaise before settling into this space permanently. They will have at least one show per year.


Paintings and sculptures created by other artists

‘Inventory’ will continue to be exhibited until April. Visits are to be made by appointment only. To book an appointment, please contact Ms. Khoo Hsien Huey at 012-229 8364 or at [email protected].

Learn more about Fuman Art here.

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