Google Flights is now available to Malaysia-based globetrotters

Photo credit: Google flights

I don’t know about you but when I am about to book a holiday online, I make sure that I have allocated a decent amount of time to scrolling through available dates –  so that I am happy that I got the flight which has the best value for money.

But not everybody has the luxury of time to scroll through endless flight carriers to find the one flight that suits them, so why go through all that hassle in the first place?

Starting this week, Google Flights is available to Malaysia-based users to get results for a series of flight carriers within a quick search no matter the travel destination. Google screens through a list of flight carriers, and depending on your preference, you are able to search up the deal which best suits you.

Photo credit: Google

It’s a straightforward concept that saves time and effort and is available across many devices. Instead of having multiple tabs open at the same time, travellers can opt for the Google Flights option and users can even search flights that are one-way, round trip, or multiple cities.

Other options of Google Flights includes the number of pax for the flight, dates, destination as well as preference of flight from economy to first class. For travellers who are looking for certain interests such as beach destinations or food adventures, they can also filter their searches.

Photo credit: Google flights

Alternatively, there are destinations that users can explore, and the options have prices shown. This makes it easier for travellers to gauge whether it fits their budget.

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