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Tan & Tan lets you rent your potential dream home before buying it

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Choosing a home to buy is not an easy task, and it pays to be as well-informed as possible before taking the plunge. An investment like this which involves years of financial commitment requires careful thought and consideration.

When it comes to cars, you can test drive that four-wheel drive that you’ve always wanted before committing to anything. But with a home, which is a considerably bigger investment, we usually make a decision based on sales materials, the track record and reputation of the developer, knowledge of city and infrastructure planning in the vicinity – stuff that’s on a brochure or website.

Test-drive a villa at Park Manor


However, Tan & Tan Developments is switching it up a little at Park Manor. You can rent your potential dream home for a year before making a decision to buy it. You can immediately move into one of the houses that’s ready for you and experience the neighbourhood first-hand. The house even comes with a landscaped garden.

If you’re still not sure about the place, you can opt to extend the arrangement for another year. But if you’ve made up your mind, you can buy the house for the price that it was marked when you first signed the tenancy agreement – basically, the price it was stated when you first rented. Since property prices usually appreciate well, you could be saving a lot of money. Another plus point is that the rental you paid for 12 months will be used as part of the payment for the house, should you decide to buy.

Park Manor’s key facts


Park Manor is a landed property project in a community adjacent to the Sierramas in Sungai Buloh. The low density project only has 41 units in a 7.88-acre walkable neighbourhood, set in a luscious green landscape.

The units come with five to six bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and wide living areas – pleasantly spacious for big families.

The project also has communal facilities available for the exclusive use of the residents of Park Manor villas: a clubhouse, swimming pools and gardens which connects the entire project with its green belt.

The interior

Here is a special peak inside a Park Manor home, which has sizable living and dining spaces, as well as work, play and entertainment areas.



All homes have an internal lift, making them wheelchair-accessible and ideal for multi-generational families. The properties have been designed to optimise natural light and ventilation, helping to naturally cool the homes for lower energy consumption.


The properties are split into five types, all of which come with three floors and four of which come with an additional Mezzanine space. The categories and sizes of each are:

  • Type A: 6,280 – 6,387 sq. ft.
  • Type B: 6,025 – 6,191 sq. ft.
  • Type C: 5,950 – 5,997 sq. ft.
  • Type D: 5,470 sq. ft.
  • Type E 6,980 sq. ft.



Packages available

If you decide to buy a home at Park Manor, Tan & Tan offer two packages you can consider:

Package One

  • 5 per cent straight discount off the purchase price of the unit or as a rebate from the first 10 per cent down payment
  • limited to the first 10 units

Package Two

  • after signing of SPA and initial payment of 10 per cent, you can avoid any interest levied on the outstanding amount by paying the balance of 90 per cent within a year

Package Three

  • rent with option to purchase the unit within 10 months of the one year tenancy period
  • purchase price will be the price when you signed the tenancy agreement
  • rental charges for the 12 months will be used as part payment for the house

For more information and terms and conditions, please contact the Marketing and Sales Office at 03-2283 2266 or at [email protected].

Location and accessibility of Park Manor

Park Manor is close to the myriad amenities Kuala Lumpur has to offer, as it is located within 25 minutes of the KL city centre, accessible via the MRR2. The development is also relatively near Jaya Grocer and other shopping amenities.

A short drive takes you to the IGB International School and ELC International School. A few minutes east is the NPNG Sports Centre, which is the official centre for the Chelsea FC Soccer School Malaysia.

Learn more about Park Manor here.

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