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11 business courses for $30 or less that you can take on Udemy

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Becoming your own boss is a dream for so many yet its’s not easy. What kind of business should you or can you start? What does a business plan look like? What is risk management?

Also, setting up and running a business is very different in this age than it was before the internet went global. So you’d likely have even more questions relating to internet marketing: How does digital marketing work? What on earth is SEO? How does Google Analytics work?

A good way to move forward would be to take a course on all things business, and instead of spending a  lot of time an money of a full business degree, you can turn to the internet. It is the biggest mine of resources since the Alexandria library, after all. If you scroll past the entertainment, shops, discussions, and witty humour, you’ll find a whole host of educational materials on various internet platforms.

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Do you understand this?

One such platform is Udemy, an online learning marketplace where information is shared globally to anyone willing to learn from knowledgeable people in various fields. Courses are taught by people who have experience and knowledge about the field they are in and often include videos and lecture notes which you can study in your own time.

We’ve compiled a list of business related courses that you can take on Udemy for USD30 or less. These courses will hopefully answer some of those burning questions you have, or if you already have your own business, these would make good refresher courses.

1. Finding your niche

2. Entrepreneurship 101

3. A workshop on generating killer business ideas

4. Planning your business

  • Instructor: Three Sixty Academy
  • Level: All levels
  • Price: USD20
  • View course: The Business Plan

5. Fundamentals of business finance

  • Instructor: Binny Matthews MCS – investment banker with Credit Suisse
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: USD30
  • View course: Basics of Business Finance

6. Focus on local business marketing

  • Instructor: Alex Genadinik – entrepreneur, marketer, business coach
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Price: USD20
  • View course: Local business marketing

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7. An introduction to risk management

8. Basics of web design

9. Search engine optimisation for beginners

  • Instructor: Howard Lynch and Antoine Lelievre
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: USD20
  • View course: SEO For Beginners

10. Understanding Google analytics

11. Leaning business analysis

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