Skyscanner launches Facebook Messenger bot for travel search

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Travel search engine Skyscanner has today proclaimed that you can “Chat your way to your next trip” with the launch of a Facebook Messenger bot that allows users to search for flights via a chat.


Available to any Messenger user typing in English, travellers will be able to talk with the bot like they would talk to their friends, either to ask for live flight prices, or to ask Skyscanner for destination inspiration. The bot then sends a link to Skyscanner’s site so the user can book their chosen travel itinerary.

This new type of conversational search has been growing for some time, and Skyscanner has adopted to the trend by creating the platform which is based on its regular flight data API (Application Programme Interface).

Users can also simply type “not sure” when asked where they wish to go, and Skyscanner’s suggestion engine gets to work.

An example of booking a flight from KL to London
An example of booking a flight from KL to London

Filip Filipov, director at Skyscanner commented, “The messaging economy and conversational search are areas which we believe are incredibly important evolutionary features for the travel industry.

“It has been a top priority for us to take a pioneering approach when it comes to building a bot for the Messenger Platform. We want to make travel search as easily accessible as possible, and believe that the launch of our Messenger bot will allow more people to search for their travel in a fun and informative way.”

The Skyscanner bot can be found by visiting

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