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Infographic: An insight into online payment insecurities

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Online shopping has become a giant in its own right, and it’s not going away any time soon. You can get almost anything online from groceries to furniture, car, phone, and even lunch. However, as with any great invention, there’s always a dark cloud. For online purchases, that dark cloud is security, or lack thereof.

Many people are still wary of making online purchases, preferring instead to browse online before heading over to a physical store to make the purchase in person. That fear is not unfounded, though. We’ve all heard stories of hacking, and phising, and other internet related scams as a result of using insecure payment portals and inadequate care on the part of the user.

Of course, the convenience of online shopping is great. So how can we have the best of both worlds; convenience and security? iPrice has put together a useful infographic on online payment securities – this should answer some of your questions.

Infographic 1

infographic 2

infographic 3

infographic 4

infographic 5

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