Journey through US Vice President Richard Nixon’s 1953 visit to Malaya

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This is part of a flashback editorial series on all things Malaysian. You can check out other flashback articles in the series for a journey through Malaysia’s past.

In 1953, after Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President, he sent his Vice President – a certain Richard Nixon – on a mission to Southeast Asia. Here’s a collection of the photos taken during his visit to Malaya (as itw as known then), sourced from the website, Nixon Malaya 1953.

1. Nixon's plane arrives in Singapore
Vice President Nixon’s plane (Lockheed Constellation) on arrival from Singapore at 11am
3. Mr. Kocher introduces General Oliver and Mr. Nixon
Mr. Kocher, the US Consul in KL, introduces General Oliver and Richard Nixon
9. Malayan Press interviewing Mr Nixon
Gentlemen of the Press interviewing Nixon upon his arrival. Extreme left is Allen Wolstenholme of the Malay Mail, Dahari of Utusan Malayu, Mr. Lee Mun Pun of the China Press, Robert Ang of Department of Information, Mr. Yong Moh Tat of the Singapore Standard, and Mr. Nixon. Right foreground is Mr. Frank Welsh of U.S.I.A
10. In KL
Nixon, Robert Ang, Mr. Kocher, Mrs. Nixon and Mrs. Kocher

Nixon was to assess the political and military threats posed by Communists in the region following Mao Tse-tung’s recent takeover of China.

11. Mrs Nixon at Methodist Girls' School, Young Road, Kuala Lumpur.
Mrs. Nixon visits the Methodist Girls’ School, at Young Road, Kuala Lumpur.
16. Playing with children at rubber estate
Nixon plays with the children at the Sungei Way rubber plantation
18. Talking to labourers
Nixon talking to Indian labourers at Sungai Way Estate
21. Meeting students at convent
Nixon meets students at the Convent School in the Sungei Way Village
22. Talking to vegetable farmer at Sungei Way
Nixon looks over the village market at Sungei Way New Village and speaks with Foo Hong – a farmer who sells his own produce
23. Mrs Nixon passing out chewing gum
Mrs Nixon passing out chewing gum and explains how it is to be enjoyed
25. Visit to Petaling tin mine
Nixon watching dredging operation at Petaling tin mine on when he made a fact-finding tour of Selangor
28. Having tea with the royals
The Nixons have tea with the Sultan of Selangor and his wife, Tengku Ampuan
30. Vice-President Nixon and General Sir Gerald Templer
Vice-President Nixon and General Sir Gerald Templer, High Commissioner, walk down the steps of King’s House after a private talk. The King’s House is the residence of the High Commissioner, Federation of Malaya
33. Chatting with British Troops
Nixon chats with British Commonwealth troops fighting jungle warfare
35. Speaking to Malayan news reel unit before leaving
Nixon speaks to the Malayan news reel unit before take-off


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Murley Dazs

Guna Segaran Arumugam

Malcolm Choi

Body language depicting a Kowtowing Nixon to a uniform British general. How time has changed.

Kenneth Tang

Did he say “I am not a crook”, back then, I wonder? 🙂

Daniel Chong

Persekutuan Tanah Melayu you mean

Lewynd Nishel

Funny what happened to Nixon is happening to Malaysia now.

Enthraganthi Srunewsan

Good to know the past history of Malaya….another 50years time the present going be there history

Rapheal Sheriff

Hahaha history of the best known pirate of the land.

Kevin Gulick

Tricky Dick probably gave lessons to Najib’s father

Ugene Swah

I believe the man nixon shook hands with is general templer he was gun down on his way to frasers hill ambush by a group of communist led by chin peng

Dermo Curran

Wrong, that was Sir Henry Gurney who got gunned down. Templer replaced Gurney.

Mohd Abun

Nixon was a guy who welcom racist ppl to join his GOP side ,just like trump. And a warmonger as he bomb the hell out of vietnam altho the knw that umerica cant win. And he manipulate and opress many poor country in south of america. Tople govmnts there.. Basically he was a highest ranking criminal ni umerica.

Marc Koay

Richard Nixon should met Chin Peng earlier.

Phil Martin

Like a breath of fresh air…if only

Jacob David

Bet many didn’t know this and many more who don’t know who Nixon is.
Good share.

Jemie Cavalera Nordin

hahaa cmon man.. nixon , lbj , kennedy , reagan, bush, clinton , W, n so on.. are all very fond to us malaysian..
** esp da watergate n da monica-gate which were nothin compared to 1mdb-gate ..

Kl Johnny

If no independence from British imperialism, the majority of Chinese would be coolies, hsehold servants, labourers in tin mining; Indians working in rubber estates; Malays in farming n fishery.
Opium-smoking would hv been legal, n there would hv been opium dens n brothels aplenty. Our country’s vital resources no doubt, would hv been stripped n drained to its bone. Under Japanese imperialism, it may be worse.
Nothing is better than to be independent n self-determined.

Choo Keang Wooi

Ok points taken. But we shld not thank anyone especially japs.. who are cold blooded killers of our past generations.

Shane Lin

Bro…sekarang ada beza ka?You are right about the farming part.Our fisherman and farmer brothers have farmed an alligator who is stripping and draining us to the bone….

Mh Gold

Yes, you are right being able to rule and determined your own future is the best although occasionally you might bump into crooks like “you know who” and elected as a leader but being ruled by british is a definate NO!! The wealth that the british accumulated through the british empire makes them rich till today

Sc Hua

You must have missed Hong Kong in your reading.
Go back to primary school, this time, try international school without political altered textbooks.

Choo Keang Wooi

amazing history we have in malaya…if no independence could we have done better under the british ?

Glenn McCallum

Women’s fashion would have been better .

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