16 assets that the US government is seizing from those involved in the 1MDB scandal

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These are the amazing properties and assets that the US government is trying to seize from the people involved in the latest development to the 1MDB investigation.

The exact values of each asset is provided a document prepared by the US Justice Department, which you can view here. The combined value of all these assets is said to be approximately US$1 billion (RM4 billion).

1. 1169 Hillcrest Rd, Beverly Hills, California

1169 Hillcrest Rd
Photo from

2. Bombardier jet – with Rolls Royce engines

Private Jet, Tail N689WM.  Value at purchase: $35,371,335

bombardier jet
Photo from

3. Montalban House on Oriole Drive, Los Angeles, California

Value at purchase: $38,980,000

Photo from
Photo from
Photo from


4. The Greene Condominium, 118 Greene Street, New York

Photo from

5. The Time Warner penthouse, New York

Value at purchase: $30,550,000

time warner penthouse
Photo by Andrea Morales for The New York Times
time warner
Photo from

6. 912 Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills, California

912 hillcrest road
Photo from

7. Copyright and intellectual property rights and royalties from EMI – REd Granite Pictures

Investment in “The Wolf of Wall Street:” $100,000,000+

red granite pictures

EMI office in California
The EMI office in California | Photo from

8. Laurel Mansion, Beverly Hills

Value at purchase: $31,000,000

laurel mansion 1
Photo from
Photo from
Photo from

9. The L’Ermitage Property (and its assets), Beverly Hills

Value at purchase of hotel: $44,800,000

Photo from L'Ermitage, Facebook
Photo from L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, Facebook
l'ermitage 1
Photo from L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, Facebook

10. Symphony CP (PARK LANE) assets

Purchase value of interest restrained: $380,000,000

park lane hotel
Photo from Park Lane Hotel New York, Facebook

park lane 2

Photo from

11. The Walker Tower penthouse, New York

Value at purchase: $50,912,000

walker tower penthouse
Photo from
walker tower
Photo from

12. Park Laurel condominium, New York

Value at purchase: $33,500,000

Photo from
park laurel
Photo from

13. Townhouse, UK

Value at purchase: $41,799,886

townhouse uk
Photo from
townhouse uk 2
Photo from

14. Claude Monet’s Nympheas avec Reflets de Hautes Herbes

Value at purchase: $57,500,000

monet nympheas
Photo from

 15. Claude Monet’s Saint Georges Majeur

Value at purchase: $35,000,000

monet saint georges painting
Photo from Cultural Institute, Google

16. Vincent Van Gogh’s La maison de Vincent a Arles

Value at purchase: $5,485,000

van gogh - La maison de Vincent a Arles
Photo from Cultural Institute, Google

This list was provided in the indictment document filed by the US Justice Department. In a press conference, the US Attorney General stated that the “FBI is committed to working with our foreign and domestic partners to identify and return these stolen assets to their legitimate owners, the Malaysian people”

To read the full indictment, click here.

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Jayna Valen

What’s the point. ..Mr Revlon Lips will just find a way to swindle it back. He has all the power here

Tee Tee

Problem is – which account is the Malaysian people ?

Alejandro Rdlc

Good, it’s about time you use this space to help expose the situatins

Sydney Cheong

This can make Malaysia tax free for years!!!!!

Jocelyn Tan Cox

Even the money is returned to the Malaysian people and if the no. 1 guy and his cronies are still up there history will repeat itself again!

Ed Couture

This going to take a long time

Ed Couture

But who can you trust to distribute the money?

Ed Couture

The money should be returned to the Malaysian people

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