Uber and Grab: are the surcharges increasing? Share your thoughts here

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We’ve received a lot of feedback from friends, readers and colleagues recently, saying that their average price of a Grab or Uber is a lot more expensive than it used to be – do you feel the same?

We’ve also heard readers say they’re seeing surcharges more often – even when there appears to be multiple cars within a close proximity to their pick-up. Thus, we’re trying to find out if this has been a common issue.

Comment below to let us know your thoughts, thanks!

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Zahar Ismail

I dun mind. Still much better than taxi

Orange Katique

Yes, usually from melati-wangsa walk rm8. Today they charged me rm10.

Neyra Shazeyra

Yes. Both keep surging but who cares? Still cheap than taxi haha

Thilini Bandare

It’s still way cheaper than hailing a cab or using GrabTaxi

Sil Montecillo

The one to blame is Uber, they set the market price too low, now we are seeing a price increase. It sucks, but comparing to taxis, I’ll still use Uber & Grab car

Ibrahim Bouhelal

The surge seems too frequent since few weeks. I start feeling that I’m paying for their incompetence to hire new drivers…

Fey Calilan Garcia

Yes… Especially when it rains n during peak hours…

Prabhu Menon

Yes and i had doofuses who canceled on me after accepting.l and then, they take me in again within seconds and somehow, the road magically clears up. If a terrorist can get clear internet in a a cave, i bet before they fill up the forms, ppl already figuring out how to play the system

Ayman Yusof

if you’ve ever driven for uber or grabcar you’ll quickly learn that the fares are so freaking cheap it makes it difficult for drivers to earn a living or make it worthwhile. And traffic jams? those really kill you, especially for grabcar where its fixed rate. Surges really help to atleast cover the cost!

Eaason Karwing Law

U r right…. Grabcar always change the system until driver suffering on driving, still a lot ppl want to drive, crazy rules n damm control by some team of driver, simply banned driver who really want drive but let some gamer still gaming, grabcar will take away driver money whenever banned n don know who used driver money already, don know who is really gaming now

Sivarajan Vellisamy

If the banned you if they never return ur money you hv to tell them plz return ur money if not you can go court

Sivarajan Vellisamy

They banned me after I drive 1 years after banned they never return my money 150 after I call many time many email them only the return my money

Orange Katique

Sivarajan Vellisamy anything to share why they banned u?

Ayman Yusof

Orange Katique when grab car sees you’re doing well with earnings they’ll fucking ban u just because

Sivarajan Vellisamy

Bcoz of fucking customers say that I’m driving very fast but no way I’m driving faster 9.00am

Gunaselan Rajagopal

the choice is yours,take it or leave it

Joelynn Chin

I waited 2.5 hours today for the prices to go down. Finished a backlog of ironing.

Kaycee Loh

Yup. Sometimes it feels like the Surge is intentionally created

Kristen Kamini

Yes, some locations its ridiculous pricing. Like whats going on? Bangsar to Jalan Ipoh used to cost max RM 17 now its 21 during peak? No difference to hailing a cab hey?

Joelynn Chin

That’s nothing. Try RM30 to RM40 for a RM17 route.

Ayman Yusof

you’ew complaining too much..its so cheap compared to taxis

Kristen Kamini

Thanks for your opinion, I am sharing mine, you should respect that and not be judgemental.

Kristen Kamini

Joelynn Chin yes I agree, last Saturday, it wasnt raining or peak hour but the charges from Jalan Ara, Bangsar to Tamn Desa was RM 37!! which usually is RM 14. instead I took a normal cab, cost me RM 20. I think Grab is just increasing the fares without consideration trying to be on par with Uber. Grab has to evaluate their fare system, we are not plucking $ from trees, please be reasonable with your fares, we support your company. Cheers.

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