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Here’s how HELP International School in KL guides its students to promising futures

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This post is brought to you in part by the HELP International School.

HELP International School’s motto “Vita ad plenitudinem” translates to “Life in all its fullness”, which reflects the school’s quality education and a holistic learning environment to nurture well-rounded students. This young school is quickly establishing itself as a leader in education in Malaysia.

Recently, three novice students from HELP International School (HIS) stood out among hundreds of competitors to emerge as the national champions at the 2016 World Scholar’s Cup competition in Kuala Lumpur. From there, they represented Malaysia in Bangkok, where they competed against thousands of students from over 50 countries. Again, they succeeded and qualified for the next level of competition to be held at Yale University.

Such is the exposure and confidence that students at this relatively young school have. Stepping into only its fourth academic year, HIS is proud of the achievements of its high calibre students, both academically and in extra-curricular activities.

The school operates under the umbrella of the HELP Education Group that has produced hundreds of graduates that have secured scholarships at world-class universities, like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Chicago, UCLA, University College London, Imperial College (London), London School of Economics, Nottingham UK and the Australian National University.

Boasting a purpose-built campus with enviable facilities, HIS offers preschool to A-Levels education, following the British Cambridge curriculum, with primary Mathematics supported by the acclaimed Singapore syllabus. With a strong languages programme that covers Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia (the national language), Spanish and French, HIS seeks to create global citizens with intellectual, physical and emotional skills.

The Masteries

What makes HIS stand out is its focus on the masteries, which serve as the guiding principles in nurturing a child. The 8 masteries – intellectual, physical, leadership, creativity, emotional, social, moral, and career – aim at developing the holistic and complete person in each student.

Here’s how HIS guides its students at the different educational levels.


Preschool Students

Preschoolers experience learning through play, and they build a solid foundation in communications and literacy, while developing their creative and physical skills. The International Early Years Curriculum that is adhered to also promotes problem solving skills in reasoning and numeracy. Ages accepted for preschoolers are 4 – 6 years old.

Primary School

Primary Students

Primary students thrive in learning via the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), one of UK’s fastest growing curricula and used in more than 90 countries worldwide. Learning is given a global approach and students are encouraged to venture beyond their books and develop a sense of international mindedness. Primary starts at 6 years old up to 12.

Secondary School

Secondary students in library

Like their younger counterparts, secondary students are exposed to a myriad of activities, ranging from sports and performing arts, to food tech classes and team-building camps; from community services and public speaking, to projects and presentations in and out of the classroom. The teachers and support staff at HIS create an invigorating and conducive atmosphere for students to go beyond their comfort zone to achieve a better version of themselves. Secondary students are aged between 12 -17.


A-Levels -7698

The school also offers an A-Levels programme that seeks to develop all-rounded leaders in their senior students. The A-Levels Leadership programme gives the students the opportunity not only to excel academically but also to develop personal leadership through their community service to the school and the community at large.

Striving for Educational Excellence

With an academic staff of almost 150 teachers both from the local front and the international shores, HIS goes by the principle of selecting experienced, qualified and passionate teachers to support the increase in capacity and sustainability for a growing school.

The school is also moving towards being an Apple distinguished school. Already with the following titles under their belt, it is no wonder that HIS is one of the fastest growing schools in the history of international schools:

  • 5-star rating (highest rating) by the Ministry of Education, under the SKIPS awards programme (Private Education Institutions’ Standard Quality Evaluation)
  • Featured school for the International Primary Curriculum
  • Registered centre as a Cambridge school
  • Approved provider of The Duke of Edinburgh’s international award

HIS is a school that offers a holistic education to raise well-rounded, culturally-sensitive and intelligent individuals. Combining the best of Western methodology and Eastern values, things seem set for this school to capture the attention of both local and expatriate communities in its students achieving great exploits.

You can learn more about HELP International School here.

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