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13 recipes to get you in the spirit of Halloween

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This is part of an editorial series where we share some creative and fun recipes from around Southeast Asia and the world.

Playtime for ghosts and ghouls is right around the corner and there is nothing better than joining them in their fun and games. In the ‘spirit’ (oooooh) of Halloween, why not try some of these recipes for a fun and frightful evening with family and friends.

1. Eerie Eyeball Pops

This fun little recipe adopts an eye-catching twist on the basic cake pop – perfect for a kid’s Halloween party. You need an eye for detail to make this recipe by Micheals Stores work.

2. Spooky Halloween Jar Cakes

You make anything in a jar from salads to parfaits and even cakes. Make these with your little gremlins for a fun dessert on Halloween night by following this easy recipe by HooplaKidz Recipes.

4. Meringue Ghosts

These morsels of meringue are an easy snack, great for giving away as gifts as well. Cupcake Jemma has all the spooky details.

5. Edible Entrails

Walking Dead fans, this one is for you. If you’re having a zombie-themed Halloween party, this has to be on the menu – after all, Zombies only feast on the best entrails. The Homocidal Homemaker has the perfect tutorial on how feed a zombie army.


6. Dead Brain Cake

Another zombie favourite – brains! This one requires a little extra skill, though. Brains are, after all, one of the most complex organs in the human body. How to Cake It takes you through this tutorial – it’s a no brainer.

A feast is incomplete without some drinks. A cats whisker, a cobweb, eye of new, and a leg of a frog harvested during a full moon – that’s all you need to brew up a potion for ghastly party.

7. Hands Off My Cherry Limeade!

A non-alcoholic punch that will surely be a hit with little witches and wizards. Cook with Amber on Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube has the scoop.

8. Vampire Kiss Martini

This martini by ThePrenti is made with Midori, vokda, and pinapple juice – perfect for the aspiring vampire.

9. Poison Apple Cocktail

This it the drink of choice for adult Maleficent. Snow White, stay away! Martha Stewart has a simply recipe you can follow.

10. Fallen Froggie Shot

Grenadine is a favourite ingredient in many Halloween themed cocktails because of its blood red hue, while Bailey’s is great for that thick, melting effect – that’s what you’re after in this ghoulish shot by DrinkLab Cocktail Recipes.


11. Black Widow Shot

The Black Widow shot is appropriately named – it has black vodka! Very simple, but deadly in large doses. Follow this tutorial by EpicGuysBartending to make your own.

12. Vodka Eyeball Vodka Shots

For grislier shots, why not serve them in eyeballs made of Jello? DrinkLab Cocktail Recipes has a fun recipe. This does require a silicone eyeball mould.

13. Zombie Brains Shot

It’s a tough job, being undead. All that shuffling along with decomposing limbs and eating brains can be tiring. Even zombies need a little pick-me up every once in a while. This brain shot by Tipsy Bartender does the job.

Have a boo-tastic time making these recipes – and the best for Halloween for!

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