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6 benefits of a British boarding school education

Deciding on whether your child should go to boarding school can be a difficult task. While there can be many conflicting factors, there is also a lot of value. Here are six key benefits students can gain from boarding school.

1. High rate of students go on to university

According to a 2015 census by the Independent School Council, 91.4% of students in boarding schools move on to higher education pathways, which include universities – that’s nearly double the national UK average.

2. Independence and personal responsibility

Having to live away from the relative cosiness of home life encourages students to take responsibility, make their own decisions and organise their time. These valuable skills gained outside the classroom can help students in both their personal and professional lives.


3. Quality teaching staff

It’s no surprise that fees for boarding schools are usually higher than that of day schools. The positive side of this is that the increased fees typically result in the schools having bigger budgets to spend on hiring top quality teachers. There’s also many other helpful staff on campus, like doctors, nurses, and counsellors who act as a support system for students.

4. Good staff to student ratio

Apart from better teachers, boarding schools tend to have more teachers in general, which means there’s a very good student to staff ratio. Students are likely to receive more attention from their teachers, allowing the educational staff to nurture each student according to their individual requirements.

5. Wide range of extra-curricular activities

Boarding schools also offer plenty of extra-curricular activities for students to get involved. Since they’re on the premises at all times, the schools make sure there’s always something for students to spend their time on, such as sports, academic teams, like maths and debating, and other activities. There’s surely something for every kind of student.

Marlborough College - Rear of C1 House and Duelling Lawn
Marlborough College

6. Stability

Another plus point of boarding is the stability that comes with it, especially for students whose parents move around a lot for work or have long work hours. Every child needs some routine and stability in their lives. Being at a boarding school where there’s always a guardian at hand and a general schedule to keep gives students a sense of continuity and stability in their lives – something that is essential in a healthy lifestyle.

Check out The British Boarding Schools Show in KL

Making its debut in Malaysia, the British Boarding Schools Show (BBSS) is a gathering of British boarding schools in one location for people to learn more about this education system. The event is the largest school ‘open day’ in the world where parents can meet the big names of British education to learn all about a school’s individual education philosophy and ethos, as well as talk to UK boarding school specialists.

The BBSS in Kuala Lumpur will be held on 24th November at the Grand Hyatt Hotel from 12pm to 5pm. The event is free for all who are interested.

You can register for the event on Eventbrite here.

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