Infographic: we now know who is cheaper out of Grab, Uber or taxis

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The stakes are high for the ride-hailing market in Southeast Asia. Grab and Uber are competing to gain majority market share as the sector is expected to become a $13 billion industry by 2025.

Since its inception four years ago, Grab has created a strong foothold in Southeast Asia, raising $750 million in funding by Softbank in September. On the other hand, Uber selling off its China unit in August and doubling down on resources here is a clear indication that the company is focusing its efforts in Southeast Asia as well.

Ride-sharing apps remain illegal in most countries in SEA but the Malaysian cabinet approved the legalisation of such services in the country in August, so the transportation sector in the country will for sure see further developments.

The clever chaps at got in touch with us to share this excellent infographic with all the answers:


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What are your experiences with these ride-sharing apps? Do you have any money-saving tips to beat the system? You might notice than surge charges aren’t included – have you ever been stung by these hidden costs? Tell us below.

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