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10 Christmas-themed drinks for some festive cheer(s)

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This is part of an editorial series where we share some creative and fun recipes from around Southeast Asia and the world.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly… and get me an eggnog martini. This Christmas, level up your party game with these fun Christmas-themed cocktails and mocktails that you can easily whip-up at home. There are tonnes of Christmas-inspired cocktails out there with very festive flavours like cinnamon and nutmeg – perfect for a festive pre-drink or a night in.

Here are 10 of our favourites from the worldwide web of deliciousness.

1. Tinseltini shot

There’s plenty of peppermint to go around during Christmas – even into your shot glass. This Tinseltini is made with vodka, peppermint schnapps, and white chocolate liqueur:

2. Peppertini

Moving on to bigger glasses, we also have a peppermint martini, a drink I’m sure James Bond would have during the holidays -shaken not stirred, of course. The peppertini is served is a martini glass with crushed candy canes on the rim for some extra festive sugary goodness:

3. Hot buttered rum

Warm cocktails are quite popular during this time of year in the northern hemisphere, and since it’s the monsoon season in Malaysia right now, we could use some of that warmth too. The hot buttered rum is a creamy concoction of spiced butter, hot water, and rum – simple but magical. It reminds me of butterbeer from Harry Potter, only better:

4. Santa Clause shots

What’s Christmas without Santa Claus, am I right? These Santa Claus shots are made with Grenadine, Kahlua, white chocolate liqueur, and topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. They look like a mini, Christmas  three-layered tea- very festive:


5. Snow globe cocktail

This cocktail is incredibly fancy but quite simple to make – except the snow, which is a little sciencetific. But, you can skip the snow and still end up with an impressive cocktail. The snow globe is basically a sprig of rosemary set into ice in a round cocktail glass. The cocktail is then poured into the glass and voila, you have a snow globe filled with alcohol:

6. Mulled wine

Winter and Christmas aren’t complete without mulled wine. To the uninitiated, mulled wine is a European drink made with red wine and spices, served either warm or hot. You can make this cocktail in big batches and serve it at a party in glasses with cinnamon stick stirrers:

7.Mama-laid Collins

Mama-laid Collins is a twist on the classic Tom Collins, a cocktails made with gin and lemonade. This version is made with marmalade and is a tangy, refreshing drink, great for the afternoon. You can experiment with different types of marmalade to come up with your own spin of this:

10. Eggnog

Eggnog, though popular in North America, is still a novelty in the rest of the world. The creamy drink is made with a custard-like based of egg yolks and cream, flavoured with whiskey or rum and spiced with cinnamon. Traditionally, eggnog also includes whipped egg whites that go in uncooked, but if you’d rather leave it out, you can.

Instead, serve the eggnog with a dollop whipped cream. Also, you can easily make this alcohol-free by just leaving out the booze. The recipe will turn out just fine:


9. Eggnog martini

Now that you’ve got your eggnog, why not whip up a quick eggnog martini? It’s creamy, posh, spiked with more booze – just what you need to you get going for a whole day of family, friends, and presents:

10. Christmas mocktail

This next drink is also perfect for children or teetotallers. The Christmas Mocktail is a creamy, berry drink with a hint of chocolate. The recipe video includes a step-by-step guide on how to make ‘Fake Bailey’s’, a cheat on the much-loved Irish whiskey and cream liqueur. If you want to turn this into a cocktail, just swap the non-alcoholic Bailey’s for the real deal:

Ho ho *hic* ho!

What are your favourite festive boozey treats? Let us know in the comments below!

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