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Find Out About RAS Boarding at the Raffles American School Open House

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This post is brought to you in part by Raffles American School.

The Raffles American School (RAS) Open House event taking place on Sunday, 9th April will provide a great opportunity for prospective students and parents to meet the school’s community members, school leadership and Director of Boarding. Special focus will be placed on RAS Boarding.

The aim of Raffles’ boarding programme is to provide each student a safe and nurturing environment that will allow each learner to build their own character while challenging themselves to become a holistic learner and student of life.

The Six Pillars of Raffles Boarding will form the foundation of acquiring the skills and values that will allow each child to harness their academic potential and become global citizens that demonstrate empathy, critical thinking, self-awareness, accountability and maturity. More specifically, the Six Pillars of RAS Boarding are as follows:

1. Community

Students should immerse themselves in the school community and take advantage of all the extra-curricular activities and sports on offer. Learning outside the classroom – whether on the sports field or in a club or activity – will help each student to develop social and learning skills that are paramount to becoming successful.

Students will understand how to be empathetic towards fellow peers and will recognise their unique place in society, while also understanding the value of giving back to the community through service learning activities.

2. Self-awareness

Students will understand and recognise their own difficulties and challenges to build upon, as well as reflect on strengths to maximise potential within themselves.

3. Home away from home

The boarding environment is a home away from home and should allow students to enjoy their experiences and create memories that will be cherished for life. While there is always time reserved for academic progress, there will be time for children to enjoy their surroundings and partake in excursions and activities that will make students happy and motivated.

4. Independence and accountability

To be a successful student, a child should be guided to become independent and accountable for their own actions and progress. Students will learn why there are rules in place, and how these rules will help them to become successful. Students will be steered into moulding their own set of values and morals to live by.

5. Academic achievement

Students will be given the opportunity, through structured prep sessions, to focus and improve their academic achievement. Staff will be on hand to guide and assist students with their academic progress as well as attend extra lessons that the school offers.

6. Caring and nurturing environment

Students will be exposed to a friendly, caring, and nurturing environment that will help develop each child’s unique character while maintaining a safe place of learning and living. Students will be able to approach staff for guidance and advice while learning to overcome obstacles in a constructive manner.

Join the RAS Boarding event on Sunday, 9th April.

More information

For more information about the shcool or the Open Day in particular, please email [email protected] or call +6 07-5098750.

You can also visit the Raffles American School’s Facebook page or website.

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