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Malaysia’s First Brand of Locally Produced Fruit Wines, ReissJaden

After over 20 years in the family wine business, Mrs Malaysia 2013 Dato’ Reiss Tiara launched her own brand of wines called ReissJaden in 2015. Now that her children are teenagers, Dato’ Reiss has put herself back under the spotlight, and to keep herself busy, is working hard on promoting ReissJaden wines globally.

ReissJaden Wine is a premium line of fruit wines with 14.5% ABV. The unique thing about this line of wines is that they’re all made with Malaysian fruit with no preservatives, additives, or colouring. ReissJaden wines are 100% Malaysian made. The current line of wines has ginger, lemon, ginger-lemon, and pineapple wines. These fruity wines work well with spicy Asian cuisines as well as seafood and poultry.

ReissJaden Coffee Liqueur

Apart from these fruity wines, ReissJaden also has a strong coffee liqueur with 40% ABV. The liqueur is, according to ReissJaden, best enjoyed chilled or blended with milk, accompanied by a dish of seafood. The dark amber liqueur is unmistakably coffee but has the added advantage of not being too sweet like most other liqueurs.

Dato’ Reiss Tiara is heading up the charge of Malaysian-made wines with ReissJaden and is already doing quite well in China, where the wines are a big hit. We look forward for more additions to the already promising collection.

You can buy ReissJaden wines and liqueur at B.I.G Supermarket in Publika and Village Grocer in Atria Shopping Mall.

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