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Enjoy a 5-Hour Cruise with Damai Indah Luxury Cruises in Langkawi for 40% Off

Damai Indah Luxury Cruises takes you around the Langkawi islands on one of two traditional wooden boats built in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The ships started out as cargo ships before being converted into luxury charter yachts with a distinct character and atmosphere. The boats, Damai Indah and Damai Indah Lagi, are the pride of Captain Eva, the only female-captain in the area.

Eva and her crew harbour a passion for cruising around the tropical island paradise and offer private and sharing cruises around the Langkawi archipelago filled with picturesque seascapes, cheerful company, and outstanding service. Eva herself has plenty of tales to tell from her 6 years of sailing around the world, crossing the Atlantic and Pacific, before landing at Langkawi. Based on the reviews and 5-star TripAdvisor rating, you can be sure that you’ll have an a memorable experience with Damai Indah and Captain Eva at the helm.

10th Anniversary Promotion – 40% off shared charter

This year, Damai Indah Luxury Cruises is celebrating their 10th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, Captain Eva is offering a 4-week promotion for one of her signature shared charter cruise, with vouchers selling at a 40% discount – RM270 instead of RM450. The voucher will get you a space onboard the Damai Indah for a 5-hour cruise around Langawi with a stop at a pristine beach, food, and free flow drinks. 

The best part is that the vouchers have no expiry date and can be transferred to anyone’s name! You just have to make sure to purchase them by 30th April

* The boats are equipped with bathrooms, indoor- and outdoor showers and air-conditioning. All food served is prepared fresh on the boat in Western, Asian, and Vegetarian styles, and is halal.

To find out more about Damai Indah Luxury Cruises, check out their website at

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Vivito Cito

The price is per head or by yacht?

Tarmilla Reddy Ganesan

Nicee this was the one we asked for

Tan Wei Sheng

Luke Lim how about this? Sounds so atas

Luke Lim

We got so atas bo? Lol

Tan Wei Sheng

Once a while only ma. Need to book by this month’s end though if want. If dowan then we explore other options

Phoebe Tan

Aquarius Tan Tan Siew Ming ng cai eh vomit boh lolxdddd

Encik Mus Sharif

Price are still RM450..dont see any discounts


Hi there. You just need to call or send them an email and let them know that’s you’re looking to buy this specific voucher 🙂

Salman Fatahal

Hi. I sent email to them few days back but no reply.


Ravee dE Andraz Bal Nesh

Nathan Lyon

We’ve done this with Captain Eva, and it was really great.

Fiona Howie Denny

Tracey Lewis – don’t know much about the company, but your friend might look into it

Tracey Lewis

Thanks I will pass it on to her x

Jason Au

It’s Langkawi, dude.

Dee Moissinac

Shirley Low Itwon Lau Anitha R S Asg jom!

Fida Ahmad

Tengku Ayie belanja !

Tengku Ayie

d bwk naek yacth laaa , sunset cruise

Fida Ahmad

Hehehe tp nk try jenis ni jgk ngeee catamaran d dah bw dah

Tengku Ayie

nie kapal besar plak..hehhe

Fida Ahmad

Hahaha ok la ok la naik yacht

Lou Banthorpe

Nicola Bradley- might be something for you and Pete?

Ayu Marliana

Mohd Rashidi Amin Norziyah Bt Matt Ilyanah Ansari bes ni kalau dpt g masa kita kat langkawi nanti

Norziyah Bt Matt

Masa kita berbeza beza…korang jln dulu

Muhaini A Hashim

jom cik Hamidah Binti Mohd Kamisan

Lingeswaran Arajunan

How much per boat a day trip.. cc
Dinesh Naidu Justin Immanuel

Justin Immanuel

Dinesh Naidu Filex Samuel

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