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5 Stunning Cakes by Malaysian Bakers for This Mother’s Day

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We’re almost certain that your mother is one of the most important ladies in your life. We’re also pretty certain that finding the right gift to show your appreciation for her unconditional love on Mother’s Day is not going to be an easy task.

As a child (especially as an adult child), it puts a certain amount of pressure on you to treat your mother in the most memorable manner on her special day. Some choose to take her out for a fancy dinner, get her a thoughtful gift, treat her like a queen by doing all the house chores, or present her with a bouquet of flowers.

If you’ve missed it on your calendar, this Sunday (14 May) is Mother’s Day, and why not try something different this year? Since flowers are a favourite among most ladies, we thought we should adapt the floral imagery into something edible and gift it to our mum. Here are our suggestions of some of the prettiest flower-inspired cakes from Malaysian Instabakers that are worth your consideration:

1. Frost & Flourish

Run by KL-based home baker Sophia Foo, Frost & Flourish offers delectable eye-catching cakes that have earned the business a wonderful reputation for delivering the most drool-worthy works of art. From pretty macaroons to fresh flowers, Sophia constructs feminine and whimsical cakes that are (almost) too pretty to eat.

In terms of flavours, Frost & Flourish whips up interesting mix of ingredients to form a rather unique tasting sugary treats, namely Durian Snow, Kaya Toast, and The King, which is their bestseller that was inspired by Elvis Presley’s favourite banana and peanut butter toast. Since Sophia is a home-based baker, all her cakes will only be made when the orders come in and customers will need to pick up their orders from Bandar Sri Damansara.

2. Gateauxlicious

The very talented mother-daughter duo (Jay and Asma) are the creative genius of Gateauxlicious, a cake business that creates absolutely stunning custom-made cakes. While Asma conceptualises each cake design to tailor to their customer’s celebrations, Jay looks at crafting the finest sugar flowers and perfecting the little details.

Although Gateauxlicious focuses on making fabulous wedding cakes, they also bake novelty cakes to fit all occasions, including Mother’s Day. With their love for all things fine, the duo ensures all cakes are given much thought and attention. Besides baking classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla, Gateauxlicious also comes up with interesting blend of taste like Very Berry, Zesty Surprise, and Jaffa. According to the duo, baking is not just about cake, it’s about the memories. With their creativity, talent, and an eye for beauty and details, it is almost guaranteed that the cake ordered from this place is going to leave your mother grinning from ear to ear.


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Apart from satisfying one’s sweet tooth, baking can also be a therapeutic and creative pastime to have. With a deep love for baking, U-Mae left her corporate job to be the owner of BITTER/SWEET, her brainchild business where she is currently the sole baker and cake decorator. Having an eye for gorgeous things, U-Mae crafts modern and minimalist cakes that fit all important occasion in one’s life. As a baker, U-Mae pays immense attention to details, which is why the buttercream flowers used to decorate the cakes are elegant and flawless. To order delicate and pretty cakes for Mother’s Day, contact BITTER/SWEET’s Facebook page.

4. Keik by Li San

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If you scroll down the picture on Keik by Li San’s Instagram page, you’ll see her designs can be quite eclectic – minimalist, feminine, or dramatic. Such variety is what makes this baker a standout. Li San’s unique eye for designing cakes and her constant willingness to learn can be seen throughout her baking journey in the industry.

Keik by Li San creates pre-designed party cakes, handcrafted bespoke and wedding cakes, as well as both classic and non-classic baked goods. So if you’re thinking of not getting a whole cake for your mother, you can opt for other sugary treats like blondies, brownies, donuts, and more. In terms of design, the baker usually follows a flower theme where she ensures all details on the cake are made with perfection.


5. Favory Flavor

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If you’re someone who is fond of buttercream icing, then Favory Flavor is probably going to be your preferred pick. Scroll through their Instagram feed and you’ll find most of her cakes are inspired by beautiful flowers. Although the baker is relatively new to the local Instabaker scene, her intricate buttercream piping skills nevertheless show the results of hard work and practice. Besides that, her precision in decorating is also commendable as all her flowers look amazingly uniform, making it a visually stunning piece of edible art.

So there you have it – five Malaysian bakers who bake treats for your mother this Mother’s Day that are both appealing and tasty!

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