The World’s First Quiz-Poem about Malaysia’s States

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Gather in readers – great fun awaits:
A quiz about Malaysia’s wonderful states.
Below this are clues to eight destinations,
Dotted around this glorious nation.

Use all the hints to try to work out
Which state – or territory – I’m talking about.
Put your answers in the comments below.
I wish you good luck. Okay, then, let’s go!


Home of Genting and Cameron Highland,
Of Teman Negara and Tioman Island,
See Bukit Tinggi or Fraser’s Hill,
There’s great fresh seafood on the grill.


The Asian cuisine be-all and end-all,
Taste the laksa or the cendol.
Rent a kayak or a dinghy
At gorgeous Batu Ferringhi.


You’ve come here for culture, well that’s good on ya,
The delicious cuisine is known as Nyonya.
This famous colonial coastal perch
Has a splendid bright red church.


The northwestern Abode of Peace
Is perfect for a stress release
Across the ocean, we’re not far, are we
From the paradise called Langkawi.



Capital and entertainment centre,
At KLIA is where you’ll enter,
At Pavilion you can shop for hours,
But be sure to see the famed twin towers.


With Singapore on the opposite coast,
This state is the southernmost;
Go to Rawa if you want sand
Or for family fun, try Legoland.


Gorgeous ocean, marine life thriving,
This is a famous spot for diving,
Or take a trip to Sandakan
To see our friends: orang utan.


The Abode of Faith in the northeast
Is a cultural and visual feast.
Redang and Perhentian won’t be forgotten;
Kapas is rightly named after cotton.

The end

Thanks for playing, and now for sad news:
That’s the end of the game – did you solve all the clues?
Now I must leave you, and so our fun ends,
But please share this poem and test out your friends!

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