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7 Things That Make Up the Perfect Classroom

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Previously, we talked about questions parents should be asking when on the hunt for a good international school. In that article, Greg Parry, CEO of Global Service in Education, touched on the importance of how a classroom is set up. Obviously, since children spend plenty of time in classrooms, it’s essential that those classrooms are designed to provide a conducive environment. After all, beautiful schools need to also have beautiful functions.

Here’s what research has to say about classrooms:

  1. Increased daylight increases Mathematics and Reading Scores
  2. Great indoor air quality (IAQ) increases students’ ability to perform mental tasks requiring concentration, memory, and calculation.
  3. Better acoustics delivers 20% higher scores on word recognition tests
  4. Functional colour schemes reduce poor behaviour
  5. Excellent ergonomics improves short term memory and learning
  6. Appropriate temperature and humidity increases achievement, task performance, and attention.
  7. Smaller learning communities with increased collaboration and group work increases student retention and supports critical thinking

So a modern school should take into account this research to design a space that can accelerate opportunities for learning. Contrary to what traditional classrooms look like, a modern classroom should have big windows to let the light in as well as a fully functional air ventilation system to maintain an acceptable quality of air inside the classrooms. Large spaces allow students to use the space creatively for innovative learning.

In terms of technology, a well-equipped classroom will incorporate modern amenities like an electronic smartboard to encourage interaction as well as personal devices for each child to allow individual access to resources and to teach them how to be collaborative with technology. Of course, rules have to be kept in place to ensure technology is used with the right amount of supervision.

Finally, to ensure that students learn in a space that is engaging and functional, both students and teachers should understand the reasons behind the classroom design and how best they can benefit from it.

For an idea of what a classroom built based on research would look like, check out this walk-through video below:

This classroom at Kingsgate International School was thoughtfully planned based on research about what will truly maximise student achievement. Working with the in-house team and a network of erly childhood specialists, Kingsgate had designed what they are calling the most beautiful classroom in Malaysia that is designed to help children learn.

About Kingsgate International School

Founded in 2017, Kingsgate International School is set to become Malaysia’s premier international school. Opening in January 2018, it will offer a Kindergarten through to Year 13 program based on an International British curriculum and takes pride in becoming the first choice educational institution for students in the region.

It is committed to a program that reflects both their school community’s high expectations for academic rigor and a commitment to service leadership through deep connections to their global community. For more information about Kingsgate International School, visit

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