Festive Fashion for Furry Friends

Image credit: Flickr (Aghear)
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All over social media, we see people posting pictures of their Christmas trees and home decorations, preparing for the festivities that’s fast approaching. However, there might be someone that you’re missing out – your furry buddy!

In the spirit of Christmas, why not let your furry friends dress up for the occasion too! Here are a few things for you to consider for your pet.

1. “Santa Paws” shirt

Punny and Chistmas-themed, how can you not love seeing this on your puppy as it struts around the house! Get it here on Lazada. Alternatively, there’s a Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer and elf sweater that’s too cute for your pooch!

2. Collar me Christmas

Image credit: DH Gate

Perhaps, your pet may not be one that likes restricting clothes (also considering that in Malaysia, it may not be the best to use sweaters on your pets). Why not add a little collar instead? Cat collars are available online here. Cats Garden also has a variety of collars that can be viewed here.

3. Guinea Pig Santa Hat

Image credit: GZSiHi

Cats and dogs aren’t the only ones who can have some fun! There are little santa hats available too for your hamsters and guinea pigs. What can possibly be cuter than a mini hat on a mini pet? I’m pretty sure it could work on bunnies too!

4. Cat/Dog Reindeer Antlers

Image credit: Amazon

This is probably the easiest way to get your pet into the Christmas spirit. Strap on a pair of antlers onto your furry friend and have yourself your very own reindeer at home! Imagine how cute they’d look next to the tree on Christmas morning.

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