4 Reasons Why Sailing is a Fun Family Activity

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This article is brought to you by Peninsular Sailing Club.

Clear water, sunshine, and good winds. These are the three essential elements needed for a perfect day out sailing. And guess what? Malaysia has three of these elements in abundance. However, sailing is still not a popular sport here. This is mainly because most people have a common misconception that sailing is an expensive sport catered only for the rich. But, that’s not the case at all.

A little over a year ago, a group of sailors decided to set up Peninsular Sailing Club, a club dedicated for those wanting to experience the fun of sailing. Their joining fee is reasonably priced at RM500, and the club provides the opportunity for both experienced and novice sailors to enjoy Mother Nature in her purest form.

Although sailing is often regarded as a man’s sport, it can still be children-friendly, making it apt for a fun family activity. Here are four reasons why sailing should be your next family activity:

1. Perfect family bonding session

As the world is moving at a much faster pace than it used to, people are spending less time with one another. Everyone is busy trying to survive the rat race that they forget to relax and enjoy life. As such, participating in a family activity can be a good way to jazz up your life while building and maintaining your relationship with others. Sailing is one way to do so as it’s active, stimulating, and relaxing, all at the same time – and it can be a good bonding experience for the whole family. Parents get a good break and get to spend time on the water away from work, household chores, and parenting duties. As for the kids, it can be a great time for them to interact with their siblings and work together when it comes to sailing.

2. Teaches kids new skills

Most people think sailing is solely for adults. Although it’s a sport that sees plenty of adult participation, it can still be enjoyed by tiny humans as well. It’s not only a good hobby for kids, it also teaches them a few essential life skills as well. One of the most important skills that can be learned through sailing is undoubtedly self-confidence. Participating in a public speaking competition is one thing, but skillfully steering and docking a sailboat is quite another. Sailing teaches them to control the entire boat on their own and make quick decisions whenever necessary, and these are life skills that cannot be taught in school.

3. Meet like-minded people

What better way to meet like-minded people then to participate in an exhilarating activity like sailing? Just like any sports out there, sailing is a great way to meet people of similar interests as you. It allows you to share information or learn a thing or two about sailing from your other buddies. Besides that, it also makes a good family day outing. While the dad sails with his friends, the mom can mingle with the ladies, and the kids can socialise with other kids or get themselves introduced to sailing.

4. An escape from the city

Living in the city comes with its perks – better quality of living, higher salary, and top-notch facilities, just to name a few. However, it’s also stressful, busy, and frustrating at times. As such, when you’re tired of living in the hustle and bustle of the city and in dire need of an escape, sailing is one of the best ways to do it. The ocean is the most peaceful place you and your family could ask for as none of you have to deal with the crowd, traffic, and pollution of the city. The Peninsular Sailing Club, which is based at the under-developed and under-utilised Pulau Indah Marina, is the perfect place to head to. Besides sailing with your family, the club also organises regular racing events every Sunday. In addition, for interested individuals, they have 10 19 ft Squib keelboats  perfect for learning, leisure sailing or racing for sale, lease or rent on a daily basis.

So, the next time you’re thinking of a family outing, opt for sailing as it can be extremely fun and exciting, and at the same time it relaxes your body, mind, and soul.

For more information about Peninsular Sailing Club, visit their website here. Alternatively, please contact Jeremy Camps at [email protected] or Martin Grantham at [email protected].


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