The Carsome Way to Sell Your Vehicle

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This post is brought to you in part by Carsome.my.

Imagine you’ve finally got that overseas job that you’ve always wanted, and you have two weeks to get your things in order before starting a new life abroad. Or maybe your time as an expat here has come to an end, and it’s time to pack up and head back home. You’ll be feeling absolutely elated with the new adventure at first, I’m sure, but a quick look at the long list of things to do before leaving will probably kill your spirits a little. And then there’s the task of selling your car in a short time, which is not easy at all. There’s a long list of things to get done and sorted, which could take months.

So thank god for Carsome! When it comes to fast and transparent selling of cars, Carsome has proven to be one of the best options and a choice for many, for both expats and locals. Not only is it hassle-free with paperwork, it also ensures that both the buyer and seller get the best price for the vehicle. We’ll let the comments below speak for itself.

So, what are people raving about when it comes to Carsome?

1. 24-hour transaction

You can rid yourself of the hassle of dealing with dealers and potential buyers, and get it all sorted within 24 hours when you go through Carsome. If you accept their final offer right after Carsome’s inspection, then consider it done. Alternatively, you can opt for a three-hour bidding, where certified used car dealers across Malaysia will have access to bid for your car, and when the bidding has ended, you’ll have 24 hours to accept the highest offer. There are currently over 850 certified used car dealers on Carsome and counting, so the chances of getting a good deal is there.

It’s also important to note that all of the processes above are 100% free! The seller doesn’t have to face any fees by Carsome. To summarise, here’s a flowchart of how selling works in Carsome:

2. Best offers from used car dealers

All it takes is one flaw in your car age, outstanding loan, mileage, and general condition for a dealer to insist on a lower price but with Carsome, the bidding process is made completely transparent. You’ll be able to watch live bids being made on your car and the price you see is what you get, with no markdowns or hidden charges. With dealers all over the country under Carsome, there is an increased chance and amount of potential bidders to get the highest possible bid. There’s no more need to waste time and energy by visiting used car dealerships one by one to haggle with each of them.

3. Hassle-free paperwork

Carsome has an in-house team that inspects vehicles themselves when it comes to determining the final offer, ridding yourself of the need for vehicle inspections and visits to the Road Transport Department (JPJ). Carsome’s inspection centres are located at Kelana Jaya and Old Klang Road, with another upcoming inspection centre at Ampang (Ampang Tesco) soon.

If you opt for the bidding process, Carsome will include their own inspection report for the dealers to view before placing their bids.

But what about the ownership transfer? Worry not, Carsome has got that covered for you, all you need to do is meet them at their office, making the entire process hassle-free – from vehicle inspection to bidding to ownership transfer and payment, you’ll only have to deal with one party, Carsome.

4. Instant payment on closing deal

Payment will not be a worry with Carsome, since they will ensure payment is wired into your bank account instantly via online banking once the transfer of ownership goes through. The amount will be reflected in your bank account usually within one working day, just as with nearly all online transactions.

Interested? Check out the value of your car for free with this Carsome tool!

For more details including valuations, visit www.carsome.my.

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