School Snaps: Tenby Penang Works to Save the Environment, One Beach at a Time

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Saving the planet doesn’t require breakthrough innovations or gargantuan worldwide efforts. Tenby Schools Penang Student Leadership Council set out to prove this point with the second annual Beach Clean-Up event at Flamingo Hotel by the beach on the 10th of February. The 4-hour clean-up event saw both Tenby Schools Penang students from as young as 5 years old to 18 years old, and their parents together with teachers from the school, cleaning up waste and rubbish on the stretch of beach behind the hotel. A total of 50 bags of rubbish were collected that day, among them plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, tin cans, glass bottles, food waste, etc. The rubbish were separated and sent to recycling centres after the event. The students and parents enjoyed a session of fun beach games before going home around noon.

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