School Snaps: Mandarin Week at SKIS

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The culmination of Mandarin Week at Sri KDU International School (SKIS) was the special assembly held on 8 February. Stepping out of his History class, Mr Zimarakis, dressed in the dragon robe of the God of Prosperity, gold ingot in one hand and scroll in the other, welcomed students, staff, and parents who had come to witness a show of the cultural heritage of the Malaysian Chinese organized by the school’s Mandarin department.

Principal Mrs. Margaret Rafee delivered her opening speech entirely in Mandarin, which drew applause and admiration. She exemplified the teaching pedagogy of Building Learning Power and the motto “Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now”. The antics of the lion dancers set the tone for the Lunar New Year. The commentaries for the wushu, tai chi, and yoyo demonstrations by students in fluent Mandarin is testament to the standard set by the Mandarin department of Sri KDU International School.

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