School Snaps: KTJ Sea Forensics

The KTJ Forensics team competed in the SEA Forensics competition held at ISKL at the beginning of February. We came second overall, narrowly missing out to Hong Kong International School. The team took part in many events including duet acting, debate, original oratory, and impromptu. They represented the school exceptionally with their brilliant performances. One of our students, Kiru, was given the Anne Russel award for best overall performance of the whole competition, an incredible achievement. The calibre of competition throughout was impressive, making our successes even sweeter. We saw a KTJ vs KTJ debate final having beaten both HKIS teams in the semi-finals. The debate ended on a heated ideological dissection of ‘Collectivism is better than Individualism’. We had a fantastic time and the students supported each other with great enthusiasm. We can’t wait for SEA Forensics 2019!

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