Skincare Products in Malaysia That Look Good Enough to Eat (but please don’t!)

Image credit: Wunderbath and Co.
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Hari Raya is just a week away, and we’ve started to get excited over all the cookies and traditional kuih that will be everywhere. Imagine our shock when we stumbled upon a picture of kuih raya, that turned out to be soap! Suffice to say, our excitement is what led to this article. If you share our sentiment, check out the list of skincare products that look good enough to eat below. All of them are Malaysian-run shops, and all the products are made up of a big portion of natural ingredients!

Kuih Raya Soap by Wunderbath and Co.

Image credit: Wunderbath and Co.

Let’s be honest, if you didn’t tell us these were soaps, we’d have taken a bite for sure. Handmade with love, these little treats are also vegan. A delicious coco-pandan scent is used for these kuih talam and kuih dahlia lookalikes, making them smell as delicious as they already look. There’s also soaps in the form of oat choc chip cookie, karipap, kuih lapis, and even a fried egg.

Tempting Kuih Muih Soap: Wunderbath and Co.

Breakfast in Bed Soap Bar by A Soap Affair

Image credit: A Soap Affair

Our first thought was that this is a peanut butter treat we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into. But, it’s not. This decadent-looking soap bar is actually made of oatmeal, goat’s milk, honey, and yoghurt. It also uses A Soap Affair’s 72% olive oil formula, which makes it ultra-moisturising.

Shop it here: A Soap Affair

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake Soap by Lave Republic

Image credit: Lave Republic

Another skincare treat we’d be tempted to bite into is this Chocolate mint ice cream cake soap by Lave Republic. The green part of the ‘cake’ is cucumber-melon scented with a tinge of parsley leaves, while the ‘ice cream’ bursts with a wonderful sweet vanilla scent. Made with real cocoa, the base of the ‘cake’ and the chocolate part of the ‘ice cream’ smells like a real chocolate mint cake would.

Treat your skin to ice cream: Lave Republic

Aloe Rose Skin Soother Soap

Image credit: SoapLab Malaysia

You see the resemblance between this and agar-agar, right? It can’t just be us. These pretty pink things are (as the name suggests) made from aloe vera extract and some rose essential oil.

Get a DIY kit for this: SoapLab Malaysia

Birthday Cake Shower Souffle by The Raw Rebel

Image credit: The Raw Rebel

This little delight contains some really delicious ingredients – vanilla, brown sugar, and honey. They’ve also whipped in raw cane sugar and argan oil, for an extra luxurious shower experience. The mix is paraben and MPG-free, besides also having passed the Zein Test (non-skin irritant). With a super moisturising formula that’s mild enough to use on the face, bathing with it is sure to be a pleasurable, skin-loving treat!


Check it out: The Raw Rebel

Box of Chocolates Soap

Image credit: SoapLab Malaysia

SoapLab Malaysia thoughtfully released a free tutorial around Valentine’s Day to make these little beauties, but why not make it whenever we want, right? Just make sure to label them with a ‘Do not eat’ warning.

Follow this tutorial here: SoapLab Malaysia

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