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How to Bring Some Hygge into Your Home

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Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is an abstract Danish concept that can be described as happiness, contentment, and coziness; but is not limited to that. Given how the Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet, perhaps we can take a few leaves out of their book. According to Meik Wiking, author of ‘The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well‘, the Danes use the word ‘hygge’ as an adjective, noun, verb, and standard of measurement. Hygge can stem from a cozy home, spending time with friends, or even by pampering ourselves. In this case, we’re looking at ways to bring some hygge into our homes.

For us, the first step would be to tidy up. It’s always easiest to start with a clean slate after all. We recommend a good tidying session before embarking on any sort of style update in your home, hygge or otherwise. Besides making way for new things and vibes, the process can be therapeutic, and help you fall in love with your home again. As professional tidying consultant and lifestyle expert Marie Kondo says, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

While we are nowhere near being experts in hygge, we have scoured the web for tips and tricks that seem to repeat. From something small like adding candles to your decor, to becoming a full-fledged plant and fur-parent, check out the list below for tips on how to bring some hygge into your home.

Soft, neutral tones

Image credit: Tarina Lyell

Google ‘hygge home’ and you’ll notice a striking similarity with all the image results – their colour scheme usually includes lots of white, grey, and light, pastel tones. There is no specific colour requirement to achieve hygge, but keep the mood goal in mind while looking for new bedsheets and the like – clean, comfy, and inviting.

Candles and soft lighting

Image credit: Alisa Anton

If there was one interior design rule towards creating a hygge-styled abode, it would probably be this: use soft, indirect lighting as much as possible. Natural lighting would be the best option, but otherwise, stay away from harsh, direct lighting where you can.

Bonus tip: Set up a reading nook in your home for extra hygge points!

Blankets and throws

Image credit: Ember and Ivory

Because having a wool blanket on our sofas might not make much sense in this weather, opt for a lighter yet equally comfortable throw instead. Optionally, you could scatter some comfy cushions around to make the space ‘softer’ while functioning as additional seating when required. Otherwise, implement this in the bedroom – blankets should be cozy, lovely things.

Drinks and treats

Image credit: Jennifer Pallian

As is the case for most cultures, food and drink play a big role in providing comfort and hospitality to guests. The hygge culture is no different. If possible, always have some snacks and drinks on hand for visitors to your home. They don’t have to be special, expensive ones, but rather things that will do a good job of making guests feel welcomed.

Natural elements

Image credit: Ryan Riggins

Be it a wooden chopping board, furniture, or even cupboard handles, a little bit of nature goes a long way in creating a hygge vibe for your home.

Living things

Image credit: Meg Amey

Indoor plants not only provide us with more oxygen, but they help make a room feel more relaxed and welcoming, too. Bonus points if you already have, or are able to get a pet. Maybe it’s something to do with life force, or maybe it’s just so the space doesn’t feel lonely.


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