School Snaps: DSS Football Tournament at Uplands School, Penang

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The finals of the Do Something Society (DSS) Football tournament at The International School of Penang (Uplands) was played on Thursday, the 19th of April, and was tightly contested.

The Teachers Team faced the Year 8 Boys for the winning trophy. The Year 8 Boys took an early lead after only a few seconds. The support for their team was immense. However, their glory was short-lived, and the teachers quickly equalized a few minutes after, making the game 1-1 at half time.

Upon beginning the second half, both teams looked determined to win, and the teachers put on the pressure with excellent attacking play. However, in one brilliant counter attacking move, the Year 8s pounced and scored the crucial and deciding goal, making the score 2-1, marking the end of the game.

The year boys lifted the trophy as the DSS Football Tournament Champions for 2018. Congratulations! Also, a big congratulations to the teachers for playing in an exciting final, and anyone else who was involved in the earlier stages of the tournament. Best of all, RM403 was raised to support Crystal Family Home.

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