5 Ride-Hailing Options in Klang Valley

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Let’s face it, traffic in Greater KL is not the best and sometimes, just the mere thought of driving out can be tiring, but it doesn’t have to be. While Malaysian taxi drivers aren’t world-class, they seem to be picking up the slack to compete in this era of ride-hailing. Grab may be the most popular ride-hailing app to have on hand, but there may be times when booking a Grab is simply not available or out of your coverage area. It’s good to have a few backup options in case you’re in a rush. On days where it’s difficult to find a way to get to get you from Point A to Point B, here are some other options to consider:

1. MyCar

With nearly 60,000 drivers on the road, e-hailing service MyCar has recently garnered more attention as it penetrates into the industry, adding competition to the landscape. The app was launched in April this year and during the launch, founder of MyCar Mohd Noah Maideen said they already had 57,000 drivers to carry out the service.

On their site, it states their minimal fare was RM5 and the KLIA Airport fare starts from RM59. There are different categories to choose from when ordering a ride – Economy (sedans and compact cars), Premium (class C sedans above 1800cc), MPV Compact, MPV Premium, Cab (for legally registered taxis), and MyCar Now (open to all the options).



Get access to over 10,000 taxi drivers in the city, all of whom use metered taxis with no surcharges. You can also book in advance. Don’t have the app? You can also book a ride online through their website! They have a list of promotions to choose from as well, including rides to KLIA from anywhere in the Klang Valley for RM63. Not only that, they also carry out deliveries!

Other features include booking a driver for a friend, have the option to mark prices up or down, share trip information to family and friends who can also track the trip in real time.


3. JomRides


A relatively new app in the market, JomRides is another app to try out. Their features allow you to book a ride instantly or in advance, pay with cash or credit card, rate and review drivers, send an SOS message to family and friends in an emergency, and get real-time driver status.



Based on their website, this ride-hailing app is focusing on safe, comfortable, and affordable rides. There are three MULA car types – the Basic, Premium, and Luxury MPVs. It’s also available in Penang, where you can opt for private drivers as well.

All MULA drivers are vetted, trained, and qualified to ensure that riders are safe and comfortable. The cars are also fitted with safety features such as tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), GPS system, and SOS button, which is serviced and maintained by authorised service centers.


5. Dacsee

The Decentralised Alternative Cabs Serving and Empowering Everyone (Dacsee) application/service is one of its kind as it uses blockchain technology to run the service. According to The Malaysian Reserve, it will allow drivers to form their own “fleets” much like the multi-tier marketing model to earn commissions and the decentralised system will not earn money from the drivers’ commission fees, nor receive extra fees from passenger bookings. For more information on how the system works and how to use it, visit their website.


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