Escape Reality at The Rift

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No matter your age, it’s inevitable that the kid in you will be unleashed  after merely walking through the entrance of The Rift. A gamer’s wonderland, there’s something here for both children and adults to be entertained and have a fun-filled day away from reality.

Dubbed as the first and largest augmented reality (AR) and visual reality (VR) adventure park in Southeast Asia, The Rift covers 40,000 square feet of the top floor in Mid Valley Megamall and has more than a dozen attractions and games. The park accommodates a total of 25 virtual worlds, along with augmented reality and physical activity attractions.

Their tagline, “Enter The Rift, Exit Reality”, is an apt representation of the place with the different parks and games available, to a point where we did catch ourselves “escaping” reality momentarily. First we gave the Motion Blaster a go, where we were strapped onto our chairs and given 3D glasses. Next to our seats was a “gun”, which we were told to use to “shoot all the aliens and save the city”.

Nothing prepared us for what happened next as the Motion Blaster jumped right into motion with aliens jumping at us off the screen, along with the moving chairs that added to the motion effects of the game. The 4D experience includes a windy setting, simulated free falling and flying, all of which were incorporated in our predator-destroying mission.

Ever wondered how it would feel being in the middle of a hurricane? Give the Hurricane VR a whirl, but just a word of caution, it’s not for the faint hearted. Players are strapped into their seats and given a virtual reality headset. Be prepared for an intense journey into a virtual universe, with the seats taking you on a 360 turn, like if you were in a real hurricane!


There are two star attractions: Zero Latency and TerminatorX. Zero Latency offers world-leading free-roaming VR technology, where you and your friends are put in a team at the centre of your own adventure. There are three worlds to choose from: Zombie Survival, Engineerium, and Singularity. Each session takes about 20 minutes and allows up to eight players per session. Due to the high demand of the game, players need to book in advance, which can be done on their website.


The TerminatorX is a game of laser battle, which allows even two players to battle against each other in the themed arena, fighting for survival. Be sure to wear the right clothes so you would not be detected easily in the dark arena!

There are many different types of games and activities to appeal to a vast gaming community. For adrenaline junkies, The Rift offers The Leap where visitors can experience indoor bungee jumping from their third floor, which has proven to be an exhilarating experience. There is also the HoloWall which combines rock climbing and augmented reality, creating a truly unique experience that adds another layer of challenge and fun to just a typical climbing wall. There are also games compatible for children too. For those who are acquainted with mobile games such as Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Minion Rush, you get to experience a real-life version with the Holodek, but be prepared for a truly physical gaming experience.

The Japan-born augmented world technology is the highlight in Hado PVP, where teams of players will be required to face off against each other, while the Hado Monster Battle requires players to defeat ferocious monsters. In between games, players can have a go at arcade games that are placed all around The Rift, including a rather interesting take on the Malaysian-favourite arcade game Daytona called the RaceRoom, where visitors will be able to challenge themselves to beat the clock or go up against other players in a state-of-art car racing simulator complete with ultrarealistic sounds and effects, simulating the Sepang F1 track.

As most of the attractions are for those aged 7 and above, The Rift recently launched The Rift Junior, a play land for younger kids aged 3 to 6. With a ball fountain and cannons, trampolines, climbing walls, a giant slide, ball pit, and a crawling tunnel, the younger children will not be left out of having a fun-filled day.

The Rift is opened from 10 am to 10 pm daily. The star attractions; Zero Latency is priced at RM65 as a stand-alone attraction and RM98 with any four attractions and TerminatorX is priced at RM38 as a stand-alone attraction and RM68 with any four attractions. Visitors may also choose the Exit Reality Package for RM68 which includes any six attractions.

For more information, visit The Rift website at therift.com.my.


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