School Snaps: Messi and Neymar Make Flying ‘Visit’ to Malaysia and Sunway University

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Sunway University Malaysia played host to a remarkable event on Monday, 11th June as the World Cup was launched on campus. Two iconic Sun-Birds on campus were beautifully given a World Cup makeover. Whilst one Sun-Bird wore the glorious yellow jersey of Brazil’s Neymar, the other proudly portrayed the immaculate and majestic Argentinian stripes of Lionel Messi.

The international football mega-stars were warmly received by the hundreds who had gathered to witness their arrival, and no one was more excited than His Excellency Manuel Balaguer Salas, The Ambassador of Argentina and his nation’s long-standing soccer rival, none other than His Excellency Carlos Martins Ceglia, The Ambassador of Brazil, who both were in attendance as VIP guests.

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