School Snaps: AISM Wins Top Medals in KL Junior Mathematics Competition

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Twelve Years 6 and 7 students from the Australian International School Malaysia recently participated in the Kuala Lumpur Junior Mathematics Competition, and successfully brought home top medals in both individual and team categories.

The team of Joe Cheun, Marion Tan, and Chang Yik Chai outperformed all participants, to receive a Gold medal for the highest team score in the ‘Codebreaker’ event, where students had to work out the relationship between pairs of values. This same team also successfully won another Gold medal as the Best Performing Team in the final round of ‘Dragon Maths’, a team event where students had to run to their marker to get their question and then run back to solve the problem with their teammates. They went on to win a Silver medal for their overall performance which is an impressive result. In the individual round, Joe Cheun from Year 7 obtained a perfect score in a set of gruelling questions and won a Gold medal for his efforts.

This one-day competition comprised of three main events where students were challenged by a number of challenging group activities, which included electronic puzzles, cross numbers and constructions. AISM prides itself in providing strong foundations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to best prepare our students for their futures.

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