School Snaps: Year 11 IGCSE Graduation Ceremony at SJIIIM

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On the 13th of June 2018, SJIIM recently celebrated the end of the IGCSE examinations by hosting a Graduation Ceremony for its Year 11 students. The event was attended by the graduating students as well as parents, teachers and the rest of the student body.

With some students having only completed their IGCSE examinations the day before, the event was a great opportunity for all of us at the school to celebrate their achievement and perseverance. The day commenced with a special luncheon provided for the students of Year 11, their teachers and parents outside of the Lasallian Mission Centre.

Following that, the Year 11 students were applauded as they entered the auditorium to receive their certificates recognizing their completion of the IGCSE course.

Having been selected by teachers and students respectively, Rachel Ooi Lei Qui and Karina Mohammad Iqbal also gave speeches to their peers and parents reflecting on their experiences at the school. Sarah Jane Huntsman read a prayer that she had composed giving thanks to those that had supported her over the last two years.

We hope that our students now have a restful summer and we look forward with anticipation to the school receiving the IGCSE results in August. Ora et Labora!

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