A Checklist for Your Big Move: Where to Start?

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Wherever you are moving to, it is a stressful process. The first thing comes in mind is – where do I start? Preparing a home inventory is exactly what you need to have so you know exactly what you had at origin and what you should have at your destination. You’ll want to document exactly what you own, its approximate value and where it goes. You may also want to record the condition of items that have existing damage or that need special care.

Moving is the best opportunity to do some proper clearing out. Throw away unused and unwanted items, donate items to non-profit organisations will greatly benefit those less fortunate.

As you walk through each room, mark down the items on a physical or electronic inventory checklist. Take pictures of your valuable and fragile items. Scan or photograph important receipts and store your important files with the home inventory so everything’s in one place on an external hard drive or the cloud.

How to Create Your List

Here’s a handy guide of things to consider in the month prior to your move to help the day go as smoothly as possible.

  • As you are moving, some electrical appliances might not work or will need adaptors – If you think they aren’t going to work it’s probably best not to take them with you
  • Check before you arrive in your new country what permits you need to obtain. (e.g. for work, residency, vehicles and driving)
  • Check that all of your family members’ passports are valid and will remain so at least 12 months after the moving date.
  • If you have pets, contact the veterinary and check on any vaccinations and any documents necessary for transport abroad.
  • Cancel rental agreements and memberships to clubs and associations.
  • Check your home insurance and make sure you have cover from the day you move into your new house.
  • Notify utility companies about your move (council tax, water, gas, electricity, telephone, internet service provider, cable TV).  Schedule last meter reading and disconnection if appropriate but remember to keep services connected at your current home until the last day of the move.
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  • Notify your bank and arrange to close or transfer your bank account and make arrangements to open bank and credit card accounts at your destination. You will need to have already requested bank and credit references for use overseas.
  • Notify your doctor, dentist, optician and get copies of your family’s medical records.
  • If you have children, you must notify their schools or colleges and arrange for their records to be transferred to the new school.
  • Cancel subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, book clubs, and journals.
  • Confirm the date of your move with the removal company.  Let them know if you think there might be last minute changes.

Preparation is everything, but there will always be surprises. Contact Crown Relocations to give you a unique insight into how to settle in your new destination.


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