Pet Hotels and Pet Boardings in KL and Selangor

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Holidays or staycations should be a happy thing, whether for you or your furbaby (who unfortunately can’t be brought along to yours). While helpful neighbours are always appreciated, there are now plenty of pet hotels or pet-boarding places to consider. And they aren’t just empty houses with a couple of sitters either, we’re talking about full-on packages that include pampering, outdoor or indoor parks, and several hours of human attention each day. Some places even have swimming pools just for the pets to get their daily exercise or splash around. If you’re looking for professional pet-boarding facilities, take a look at some of these pet hotels in KL and Selangor.

Cocomomo Urban Pet Hotel, multiple locations

Image credit: Cocomomo

Modern and stylish, Cocomomo Urban Pet Hotel is exactly what it sounds like. There are two Cocomomo locations; one along Old Klang Road and another in Eco Ardence, Shah Alam. The smallest ‘room’ is 11 sqf, but you can choose to add-on a swimming pool session (which includes access to their indoor park too) so your furbaby can get in some daily exercise.

Furbaby’s fur getting a little unkempt? They also offer grooming packages for both cats and dogs, starting from RM55 for a small dog and RM90 for cats. If you’re worried about your pet feeling stressed out with the foreign environment, help them relax with a thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, or aroma oil massage session.

Price: Starting from RM60 per room per night
Website: Cocomomo

Catzonia, multiple locations

Image credit: Catzonia

Room types start from Economy and range to VVIC (Very Very Important Cat), ranging from 9 to 35 sqf in size. If your floof is getting too fluffy, there are grooming options like basic, fluffy white, medicated, and even a lion cut grooming style. The fees start from RM58 per cat for the grooming services.

Price: Starting from RM35 per room per night
Website: Catzonia

Pets Grooming Hotel, Subang Jaya

Image credit: Pets Grooming Hotel

The picture above shows Pets Grooming Hotel’s Deluxe and Presidential Suite Boarding Rooms. These are the only two room types available. As you can guess from its name, grooming services are available here. Choose between a Basic Grooming package from RM40 or a Full Grooming package from RM90. The basic option includes nail cutting, nail filing, shaving under the ear flap, ear clearing, shaving under the anal area, shaving between legs and paw pads, clearing of the anal glands, bathing, and conditioning. The full package includes all that, and a full body trim and styling.

Website: Pets Grooming Hotel

BnB Pets Boarding, Happy Garden

Image credit: BnB Pets Boarding

The most popular bed seems to be a large orange beanbag. BnB Pets Boarding helps pet-sit all kinds of pooches. The dogs are looked after in a cageless environment. Pick up services are available upon request, and you can also opt for them to bring your pooch to their groomer.

Price: Starts from RM55 per night
Website: BnB Pets Boarding


L Residence, Petaling Jaya

Image credit: L Residence

L Residence is a homely bungalow where your furbabies can experience a luxurious, familiar stay. They will enjoy being cageless during boarding and have the opportunity to socialise with other furry visitors. Both cats and dogs can board with them. Some of their special features include pet music therapy for a calming stay, expertise in caring for disabled pets, pick up and drop off services, and different room types to suit your pet. With individual room sizes ranging from 15 to 250 sqf, they boast the largest pet-boarding spaces we’ve seen so far.

Price: From RM55 per cat, from RM55 per dog, and from RM30 per rabbit
Website: Pet Hotel Malaysia

Boarding Buddy,  Subang Jaya

Image credit: Boarding Buddy

Boarding Buddy offers a real home environment for our favourite pooches. They provide cageless pet-boarding services for small and medium dogs and promise daily walks and lots of cuddles. Rest assured that your furbaby will enjoy loving human care and not be neglected or lonely.

Price: From RM55 for a small dog and from RM65 for a medium dog
Website: Boarding Buddy

PamperPup Pet Homeboarding and Daycare, Petaling Jaya

Image credit: PamperPup

Another option for the doggos, PamperPup offers pet-boarding and daycare services. There is a large, grassy garden for them to run around and sunbathe. As this is a cageless boarding facility, all dogs need to be socialised and of good behaviour. A pre-assessment usually takes place before your pooch is accepted for a longer stay.

Price: Starts from RM60 for small dogs, from RM70 for medium dogs, and from RM90 for large dogs
Website: PamperPup

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