School Snaps: R.E.A.L Schools is Ready to Say ‘I Can’!

R.E.A.L Schools, Shah Alam Campus recently hosted a keynote address by the founder of the global ‘Design for Change’ programme (now in over 60 countries worldwide involving more than 200,000 schools), Ms Kiran Sethi, on 23 July 2018. The overall concept and ideals of Design for Change; which aims to empower students to express their own ideas and make a real difference in their communities; resonate with that of R.E.A.L Schools.

From its ‘I Can’ mindset to equipping 21st century skills within children and youth, Design for Change focuses on key areas that are synonymous with what R.E.A.L education stands for. In addition, the unique ‘R.E.A.L experience’ or experiential learning at R.E.A.L Schools; characterized by an enriching curriculum; drives students to Think, Innovate, and Create. Hence, collaborating with Design for Change goes a long way in contributing towards R.E.A.L’s goal of nurturing global citizens.

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