Lucky Garden Welcomes Pocket Park as Part of Bangsar Uplift

Bangsar residents will be pleased to know that Lucky Garden is getting a makeover over the next year, starting with the launch of the Lucky Garden Pocket Park, along Jalan Ara. Located at the corner between Bala’s Banana Leaf and Bangsar Village Shopping Centre, the 600 square feet park is an effort by City Hall (DBKL) to beautify Bangsar and create more outdoor public spaces.

This is part of Phase 1 of upgrading plans in the pipeline for the area, with the park’s construction works having started on May 2 this year and completed on Sept 16. Other parts of Phase 1 include:

  • Upgrading of pedestrian walkway along Jalan Ara
  • A pocket park with sitting area, tables, and swings
  • Trees and landscaping
  • Infrastructures, including drains, curbs, footways, and retaining wall
  • Installing lights for the purpose of security and brightening the neighbourhood
  • Installing signboards to direct people to the pocket park
  • Upgrade the road and motorcycle parking area at Jalan Cenderai 1

With the launch of this park, DBKL hopes to instil a sense of cleanliness in the residents there, in hopes that people will stop littering. If you have been to the area, you would have noticed murders of crows in the area, swooping down to pick up rubbish lying on the ground, but by reducing the number of neglected spaces, it will help with this problem. When there are no rubbish lying around, the crows will have to scour for food elsewhere, thus reducing the bird droppings along the pavement, and in the long run, making it easier for DBKL to maintain the areas.

Gracing the launch of the park was Lembah Pantai MP, Fahmi Fadzil, who said he hopes the park will create a sense of belonging among the people in the community.

“I hope that this place can be a meeting point that brings people together. This is just the start and I hope that we can be a part of it as a community,” he said at the launch.

He also urged the people of Bangsar to use the expertise available within DBKL’s Landscape Department for any suggestions on how to make the place better.


“There were old trees that were leaning on the road and the roots were damaging the roads and pavement, so we had to cut them, repair the roads, and replace the trees, so if the people find a tree that they believe needs to be cut, feel free to engage with the expertise provided by DBKL.”

Fahmi said this Sunday, Sept 23, there will be a townhall session at SK Bukit Pantai, open to the public and all the people of Lucky Garden.

“All are welcome. When we meet face-to-face, we can hear exactly all the plans that we have in store for Lucky Garden, and we get to hear all the suggestions people are making, which can avoid any misunderstandings,” he said.

“I would like to see this Lucky Garden remain lucky for generations to come.”

The things that would be looked into in the next phases are:

  • Creating a slip road from Lorong Ara Kiri 1 to Jalan Ara
  • Extending upgrade works on the pedestrian walkways along Jalan Ara until the slip road
  • Upgrading pedestrian walkway until the end of TMC
  • Upgrade and clean up back alleys
  • Upgrade and clean the floors and drains at the morning market site
  • Conduct research on food stalls (near the fish head curry stall) by DBKL’s Petty Trader’s Department
  • Landscaping around the RukunTetangga area
  • Adding trees and plant where needed
  • Landscaping the roundabout
  • Research on the need to upgrade the pedestrian walkway along Jalan Cenderai and Lorong Ara Kiri 2 (if necessary)
  • Inspect the health and growth of trees in the area

What would you like to see in Lucky Garden? Let us know!

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