Fashion For Good Experience Museum Opens in Amsterdam

On 5th October 2018, the Fashion for Good Experience opened its doors in Amsterdam. The Experience is an interactive museum fitted with the latest technology to help explain what goes on in the fashion industry. Fashion enthusiasts and those seeking to understand the industry better will have a lot to learn in a visit to the museum. A major focus is the innovation and sustainability aspects and ideas when creating garments.

A key exhibit of the museum is the Innovation Lounge featuring more than 50 innovators who are about to disrupt the fashion industry. One example is Colorifix, who dyed  a Stella McCartney dress using engineered microorganisms. The objective is to educate the public that good, innovative fashion is a current reality. Customers can look for them via channels like Fashion for Good, for instance.

Plenty of interactive activations keep things interesting for visitors to the museum. At the Design Studio, visitors are able to design the most sustainable T-shirt option available today – a Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold T-shirt. Select your preferred design, watch it come to life through live projections in the studio, then you can even print it on site.

At the start of the experience, visitors can take an RFID-bracelet that looks like a big plus sign. With it, you can collect commitments and badges that represent practical actions. These will then be turned into a personalised digital guide – a Good Fashion Action Plan – that you can take home. The aim of this is to help us become more conscious fashion consumers. To stay motivated and on track for Good Fashion, visitors can keep themselves updated with the Fashion for Good Movement through their special programming, digital campaigns, workshops, and events that will take place in the Fashion for Good building.

What can one expect to pick up at the gift store before exiting this museum? In its Good Shop, the Fashion for Good Experience showcases current concepts of good fashion that is available now. Featured product collections are carefully curated around inspiring themes and swapped out every three months.

All images courtesy of Fashion for Good.


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