2018 Travel Trends: Can You Relate?

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There’s only two months to go for the year, believe it or not. 2018 has seen an increase in awareness and application of environmental-friendly practices. This positive shift in lifestyle in turn affects other aspects like selecting dining venues that grow their own food, or hotels that uphold high standards of eco-friendly processes. Similarly, sustainability, conservation, and green living has become a sought after aspect even when people travel. Read all about the travel trend of responsible tourism, and other patterns we’ve seen emerge throughout this hectic year below.

Responsible tourism

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Travellers are now more aware than ever of the environmental impact of their trips. From choosing eco-friendly hotels to only visiting attractions that echo the same voice, responsible tourism is on the rise, thankfully. Hotels and tourist attractions are now almost forced to commit to a greener way of running their businesses, lest they turn off people who practice responsible tourism. Reduction of single-use plastics, banning of plastic straws, and heavy encouragement to cut down changing of towels are some of the starting steps that should already be practiced in hotels.

Alternative destinations

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2018 has shown us that traveling is cool, but visiting somewhere off the beaten track will help you score even more points for exclusivity. The serene landscape above was photographed in Rwanda, just one example of a destination that’s yet to become flooded with tourists. Many are also choosing smaller coastal towns in Indonesia as opposed to going to tourist central Bali, for instance. The different kind of activities and experiences available at lesser-known destinations are also a big attraction, especially when it involves local culture.


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Carefully curated travel packages are being snapped up for being good value for money. Tour operators that have been around for a long time allow experience to be their guide, but also keep things fresh based on travel trends and crowd favourites. One such example is the big swing in Bali that has taken over Instagram by storm, together with the stylish round rattan handbag. Opting for a package that includes activities, meals, and transport not only saves time and money, but lots of energy too. Albeit not being for everyone, tour packages are great options for families with children or older folks.

Low-cost long haul options

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Flying halfway across the world still costs a lot, but more options are blossoming for low-cost long haul flights. Boeing’s Dreamliner, among other new aircrafts, are making longer journeys more attractive, comfortable, and fuel-efficient. Avid travellers are taking advantage of this, and journeying to places that are further off and perhaps previously financially inaccessible.

Luxury meets escapism

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For those who have no issue with spending big on travel, searching for the sweet spot where luxury and escapism meet, is the new trend. Perhaps it has been a dream to be brought back to a time where trains or ships were the main modes of transportation, or something more out of this world like riding a spaceship out of Earth’s atmosphere. Whatever it is, the big spenders in the travel industry are looking to push experience boundaries now more than ever. Life is a collection of experiences after all, and more people are opening up to spending more for memorable ones.

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