Coffee Morning with GHealth – A Recap

TEG Media recently collaborated with GHealth Clinic on October 30th for a Coffee Morning event, where we invited a limited group of people for the opportunity to learn and understand more about health and beauty. There was an interesting and fascinating presentation on Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine and Beauty/Aesthetics, as well as a clinic introduction and tour of the facilities. This was followed by a delicious lunch. It was a wonderful morning and our guests were very impressed.

As one of the leading Anti- Aging and Regenerative Medicine Clinics in Malaysia, GHealth Clinic brings clients new forms of treatment and technology in the medical field. Dubbed as a ‘lifestyle clinic’, GHealth Clinic has developed primary health care services that aim at the delivering preventative health care and focus on Anti-Aging. With the use of specialized treatments and consulting clients on making adjustments to their lifestyle, they help prevent many ailments such as heart disease, hypertension, respiratory problems and even diabetes.

They believe that there is no standardized off the shelf treatment for everyone such that all of their treatments are customized and individualized for each individual client. Through detailed diagnostic and consultations, their fulltime doctors are able to provide the best results for their clients. Cell therapy is a prime example of the cutting-edge research and technology that they offer to clients. They have the latest laser and slimming equipment, plus GHealth is also the only clinic in Malaysia to offer PEW treatments. They have several Photon Energy Wave products that help stimulate our bodies healing process and even assists in the growth of our clients stem cells. Their PEW products are clinically proven to treat and improve diabetes.

At GHealth, the doctors believe prevention is one of the best treatments, it’s about being able to avoid sickness and disease before it comes. Their clients are of all ages ranging from early 30’s to over 80. After all, the truth is that if you start taking care of yourself earlier, the effects are actually better as your body regenerates at a faster rate. What GHealth focuses on is helping clients bodies’ heal even faster, essentially turbocharging their regenerative capabilities by using our specialized treatment methods.

Ghealth also has a full fledged beauty and aesthetic department offering a variety of aesthetic-focused services that target various skin concerns such as wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores. Their specialization is in the use of cell therapy, plasma therapy, Botox, Hyaluronic and laser skin technology to treat and enhance the look of their clients. Their doctors are also continuously searching for the better and newer products to provide to their clients. With the proper use of these treatments, they make clients look and feel younger. As part of their beauty department, they also offer a full line of slimming and weight loss programs.

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