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Sunway Medical Centre x Hammam Spa x TEG Media Event: November 2018

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On 14 November 2018, we had the honour of collaborating with Sunway Medical Centre and Hammam Spa in Publika for a memorable brunch of health and wellness. Another important partner was The B.I.G. Group, who provided fantastic wines for us to enjoy. The event was held exclusively for members of the International Women’s Association of Kuala Lumpur (IWAKL). We had the pleasure of hosting about 40 lovely IWAKL ladies whom we hope had as good a time as us! The pleasant morning was kicked off with rounds of Moroccan tea being passed around. And then, the serious business of pampering our beautiful guests began.

Moroccan tea served in traditional glasses
The beautiful, exotic interior of the spa

Hammam Spa is a traditional Moroccan spa that provides massages and spa services that include wraps, milk baths, and the renowned Moroccan spa body scrubs. Specially for this event, Hammam Spa graciously allowed all guests into its exotic labyrinth of private massage rooms and spaces. Guests could choose to experience four different Moroccan spa activities.

The head and shoulder massage room
Guests enjoying a foot massage

Hammam Spa prepared several pampering ‘stations’, where guests could choose to experience an express head and shoulder massage or foot massage. The spa’s therapists skillfully kneaded and did their best to soothe any muscle discomfort that they could in the short time given. Our ladies loved these little treatments. Sometimes even a quick massage from a professional can do wonders!

Spice selection

Besides enjoying the relaxing rubs, guests could also make their own aromatherapy jar to bring home. The ingredient choices included black peppercorn, star anise, sandalwood, cinnamon, and cloves. Each guest was given a glass jar and invited to fill it with their favourite spice combination. Then, a Hammam Spa therapist poured some peppermint essential oil over their spice mix to bring the scents together. The result? A cute and portable aromatherapy jar that can be opened and sniffed for a quick relaxation fix.

The beautiful Moroccan-styled fountain beside the henna station

Another fun activity which was really popular among the ladies, was the henna station. They could choose to have a traditional Moroccan design drawn on their hands, or a temporary stick-on tattoo, or both! Specially imported, the temporary tattoos had sparkling gold accents and were really beautiful.

Introduction to Sunway Medical’s unique features
Dr. Bong Jan Ling of Sunway Medical Centre

Once all our ladies had experienced all activities, we adjourned to the space just outside Hammam Spa for two brief talks by Sunway Medical Centre. First, Senior Manager of Business Development Mr. Ooi Zhen Yang shared on the unique features that set Sunway Medical Centre apart, then we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Bong Jan Ling, Consultant Dermatologist at Sunway Medical Centre who spoke about the causes of skin cancer and what we can do to prevent it. Guests sipped on delicious wine that was generously sponsored by the B.I.G. group as they learnt how to protect our biggest organ, the skin. At the end of the talk, guests were treated to an enchanting performance by a professional belly dancer.

The enchanting belly dancer
Breast self-examination tips

There was also a staff nurse present to teach the ladies how to self-examine the breast. Silicon breast models were used to represent different types of lumps and bumps to look out for. The Sunway Medical Centre staff was knowledgeable and extremely pleasant while being informative.

All in all, it was a relaxing and informative morning for our IWAKL guests. We hope the curated experiences were a treat and that they learned something new that is beneficial. Thank you to Sunway Medical Centre, Hammam Spa, and B.I.G. Group for this meaningful collaboration. To many more delightful partnerships like this!

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